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Autism Ontario-Central West Region offers programming and events for children, youth, and adults with autism spectrum disorder and their families. Volunteers are the cornerstone of our region, and have dedicated thousands of hours to coordinate, deliver, and implement wonderful events and programming for children and families with ASD. We are seeking new and past volunteers of all abilities to join our growing Autism Ontario volunteer community. There are multiple ways you can get involved at Autism Ontario.


Ongoing and ad hoc committees that meet during the year, including fundraising, events planning for children and adults, and advocacy and outreach.  Key responsibilities would include:

  • Works collectively to identify and implement key ideas around committee
  • Encourages participation on initiatives across the Central West Region
  • Answers questions and provides assistance as needed

Approximate time commitment: monthly committee meetings conducted both in-person and online with additional hours for implemented ideas, 10 hours per month, as committee dictates.


Annual, monthly or weekly programs and events which require volunteers for registration, activity supervision, or setup/takedown of event. 

Approximate time commitment: 2-10 hours per month (events vary by month).



Volunteers can assist with fundraising efforts including event planning and execution and assisting with sponsorship and donation recruitment.

Approximate time commitment: 5-10 hours per month (varies by month)


Assist with mailings, thank you notes, website updates, graphic design, grant writing, etc.

Approximate time commitment: 3-5 hours/month

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"I volunteer for Autism Ontario because people on the spectrum, and their families and friends, need the whole community for support and understanding. Hopefully my small contribution can make someone's life a little better, and perhaps encourage others to lend a hand."

Volunteer from Autism Ontario