Ways to Donate to Autism Ontario

No matter how you choose to give, every dollar donated to Autism Ontario helps us provide life changing services and support for autistic people and their families throughout Ontario. 

Our donors and members are vital in the movement to create a more supportive and inclusive Ontario for our autistic friends and neighbors.

Make a Personal Gift

Giving makes us all feel good. Just knowing that your donation is going to change someone’s life is a gift to all of us, especially the people we serve. You can make a one-time gift or help us tackle the increasing needs of the future by becoming a monthly donor. 

Donate online here or call Erin Cunningham, Fundraising and Database Coordinator at 1-800-472-7789 ext 255.

If you’d like to send a cheque by mail, please include the program you would like to support in the Memo section of the cheque and mail it to Erin’s attention at Autism Ontario, 1179 King Street West, Suite 004, Toronto, ON M6K 3C5.

Employer Charitable Matches

Many companies want to support their communities and care about the charitable interests of their employees.  Contact the Human Resources department or your supervisor to find out if your workplace has a charitable matching program. Very often, all that is required is sharing your tax receipt as proof of your donation. Matching gifts help us grow our charitable activities even faster, and we are grateful to those of you who inquire about getting their donations matched and arrange to have the match directed to Autism Ontario.

Let your employer know that their contribution can be paid by cheque with your name in the memo and mail it to the attention of Erin Cunningham at Autism Ontario, 1179 King Street West, Suite 004, Toronto, ON M6K 3C5.

Commemorative Gifts

If you would like to mark a special occasion or honour the memory of someone dear to you and your family, tribute donations can be made online. Make your donation and let us know who you would like to be notified. We’ll email them a card letting them know that you’ve made a generous donation to celebrate someone special. The amount of tribute donations are kept in strict confidence and tribute donations can be made online here.

Gather for a Good Cause! Third Party Fundraisers

What is third party fundraising? Third party fundraisers are planned and managed by individuals and community groups who are passionate about supporting Autism Ontario. The organizer and host are responsible for the development of the fundraiser, organizing and managing logistics, and financing the event, while the proceeds are all donated to Autism Ontario.

There are a variety of ways that you can host a third party fundraiser in support of Autism Ontario. From lemonade stands to asking wedding guests to make donations to organizing a golf tournament. We can help!

Smaller Local Fundraisers
Would you like to host a simple fundraiser like a garage sale or bake sale? There’s no need to register small fundraisers but you can let your regional Fund Coordinator  know about your event and they may be able to help by sharing your event on social media or in a newsletter.

Event Donations made in Lieu of Gifts
Would you like to mark your special occasion, like a wedding or a birthday, with a charitable element?  You can encourage friends and family to donate to Autism Ontario in lieu of gifts at special events.

Let us help bring your vision to life and simplify the process with a dedicated donation page (sample) and helpful materials like e-cards tailored to your event.

If you’d like to set up a dedicated donation page for your event, please contact Erin Cunningham at erin.cunningham@autismontario.com. If you will be collecting cheques, please submit them with this pledge form to ensure your guests will receive tax receipts.

Large Fundraisers or Province Wide Events
Some Third Party fundraisers organized by donors are quite complicated and may require support from our team. These are usually ticketed events that might involve a tournament or fundraisers that are publicised across the province.

We’ve put together a 3rd Party Fundraiser Guide to help you consider what will work best for you. Please let us know about your fundraiser by registering here.

For more information about Third Party Fundraisers, contact Erin Cunningham at erin.cunningham@autismontario.com or 1-800-472-7789 ext. 255.


Build Your Corporate Social Responsibility even More

Want to start an annual funding drive about a cause that you and your coworkers care about? Hosting a big event and want to amplify the opportunity with a charitable element?

We can help you harness the power of workplace giving by providing you with a dedicated resources like digital cards that you can send to your networks and a co-branded donation page to take care of the transactions.

For more information, contact Erin Cunningham at erin.cunningham@autismontario.com or 1-800-472-7789 ext 255.

Donate a Vehicle
Donate A Car Canada Logo

When you donate your car, truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle to Autism Ontario through Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction and the income will benefit Autism Ontario in the form of a charitable donation.

Free towing is provided in most areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. After your vehicle donation is complete, you will receive a tax receipt from Autism Ontario.

You can initiate your donation of a vehicle by registering for Donate a Car Canada using this form which names Autism Ontario as the beneficiary of your contribution.

Federated Health Charities
Federated Health Charities

Since 2019, Autism Ontario is a Federated Health Charity. With Federated Health Charities, you can donate through payroll pledges, one-time donations, special events, and lottery tickets.

Facebook Fundraising
Facebook logo

You can create a non-profit fundraiser on Facebook to encourage your friends and family to donate to Autism Ontario straight from Facebook.

Leave a Legacy

By planning for a future gift, you can make a meaningful commitment without investing money that you may need in future. There are several ways that you can leave a legacy including bequests or donations in your Will, gifts of RRSPs, or by naming Autism Ontario on your life insurance policy. Leaving a legacy in your Will is a lasting statement about your values and commitment to the Autism community.

It is important to discuss your wishes with your family and with a financial advisor and/or lawyer. We can also help by offering information on where to direct your donation and the language you will need to provide your lawyer with.

If you would like further guidance on making a planned gift or to notify us of your estate plans, please contact Dawn Tuckwell, Stakeholder and Engagement Manager at dawn@autismontario.com.

Gifts of Securities, Mutual Funds or Stocks

Making a gift of stocks, publicly traded securities or mutual funds is simple at Autism Ontario and you will receive a more favourable tax benefit by contributing with a transfer. Tax receipts for all gifts of securities reflect the date that they are received in our account and as with all donations, the deadline for receiving a tax receipt within a calendar year always falls on December 31st. Be sure to initiate your transfer early as it does take some time to process each request through your broker to ours.

You can find the Securities Transfer form here. If you would like guidance on transfers, contact Dawn Tuckwell, Stakeholder and Engagement Manager at dawn@autismontario.com.

Requesting Memorial Donations

Honor your loved one after they have passed by requesting that donations be made to the charity that was most meaningful to them in lieu of flowers. We will assist both families and funeral service providers to help this process go as smoothly as possible. Depending on your wishes, we can provide cards for in-person events or dedicated donation pages which can be shared in the manner most convenient for you.

To arrange for either option, please contact Erin Cunningham at erin.cunningham@autismontario.com or 1-800-472-7789 ext 255.

Cause Marketing Partnerships

Autism Ontario is proud to offer cause marketing partnerships to businesses. This enables for-profit organizations to promote the sale of goods or services on the understanding that a portion of the revenue benefits Autism Ontario.  These partnerships offer the benefit of an association with Autism Ontario and our for-profit partners receive the advantage of our brand and exposure to our community. 

For more information, contact Erin Cunningham at erin.cunningham@autismontario.com or 1-800-472-7789 ext 255.