Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission: Creating a supportive and inclusive Ontario for autism

Our Vision: Best Life, Better World, Making Autism Matter!

We’re in a time of transition at Autism Ontario. As the needs of autistic Ontarians and their families, caregivers, teachers, and service workers evolve, so must we. To help guide us through the changes, we created a new set of values. The values we’ve uncovered spell CARE, which encompasses what we stand for and how we strive to operate.

CARE Values

Collaboration: We believe in the power of working side by side with individuals, families, and communities to make informed choices about autism.

Accountability: We hold ourselves and others responsible for achieving successful outcomes through high standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility.

Respect: We value equity, diversity, and inclusion, and we listen to understand.

Evidence-Informed: We use and create knowledge to guide our decisions and work.