French Language Services

Autism Ontario is committed to providing French Language Services of superior quality across the province. The French Language Services Act (FLSA) identifies designated areas across the province where services must be offered in French. In recognition that there are Francophones living with or affected  by autism in every area of the province and driven by its commitment to serve the entire autism community in Ontario, Autism Ontario’s French Language Services extend across the entire province, not just in areas designated under the FLSA.

Autism Ontario prides itself on its commitment to serving the Francophone autism community in the best way possible. This commitment extends beyond family supports and is clearly communicated within and outside the organization.  

FLS team

Bilingual Family Support Coordinators, in specified areas 
French Community Events Coordinators, in specified areas
Supervisor of French Language Autism Services
French Language Services Consultant
French Language Services Committee

Right to Services

The French Language Services Act (FLSA) was enacted in 1986 to recognize the contribution and the cultural heritage of the French-speaking population and the desire to preserve it for future generations. The FLSA guarantees an individual's right to receive services in French from the Government of Ontario ministries and agencies in 26 designated areas.

For more information on the Francophone presence in Ontario, the FLSA, individual rights and government/agency obligations, visit the Ministry of Francophone Affairs.
Autism Ontario has adopted the “inclusive definition of Francophone”, which was introduced in June 2009 by the Office of Francophone Affairs. Under this definition, a “Francophone” is a person whose:

  • mother tongue is French, or;

  • mother tongue is neither French nor English but who has a knowledge of French as an official language and uses it at home.

Active Offer

Francophones often do not ask for services in French if they feel they will have to wait, the request will require additional effort on their part or for the organization, or fear services will be of inferior quality to services offered in English. Active offer means French Language Services are offered before they are requested. Furthermore, they are evident, available and easily accessible to the general public, and of comparable quality to those offered in English.

Here is what our active offer looks like:

  • Telephone greetings include a message on accessing French Language Services. 

  • Bilingual staff and volunteers wear a “Je parle français” button at public events. The conversation continues in the language chosen by the visitor.

  • Information related to programs and family supports are available in French.

  • Key resources posted on the website are available in both official languages.

Autism Ontario offers the following services in French: 

  • Family Support Services

  • Events for families

  • Educational Resources

  • Webinars and Workshops

  • Parent Support Groups, where possible

Partial Designation

There are two types of FLSA designation, partial and full. Partial designation means that an agency is able to provide French Language Services in a specific program or service. Full designation means an agency is completely bilingual, providing French language services in all programs and services.  
Seeking a designation under the FLS Act is recognition that an agency has met the government’s criteria in providing French Language Services now and into the future. It’s a legislative and legal protection. 
Autism Ontario is already complying with designation criteria without the formal status. Autism Ontario has submitted a request for partial designation of its Family Support programs and services.   

French Language Advisory Committee

Autism Ontario’s Provincial Advisory Committee on French Language Services serves to advise Autism Ontario about Francophone affairs, including how to best meet the needs of the Francophone autism community across the province. In fulfilling its mandate, the Committee, among other responsibilities, guides the implementation of French language services policies and procedures in a manner consistent with the concept of active offer.
To learn more about Autism Ontario’s French Language Services, contact the Supervisor of French Language Autism Services. 

Supervisor of French Language Autism Services
Complaint Procedures

Complaints procedures allow the public to express their concerns or dissatisfaction related to FLS. If you are dissatisfied with French-language services and wish to file a complaint, please fill out this form, in English or en français.