Autism Career Connections - For Job Seekers

Create the Future You've Always Wanted 

Find Meaningful Work as an Autistic Person

If you're looking for a meaningful long-term career, you're not alone! Most people on the autism spectrum want to find meaningful employment and get the satisfaction of being paid for doing the skilled work they love.

But it can be tough getting in front of employers.

That's where Autism Career Connections can help. From interview preparation to resume writing, you'll master the skills you need to make the all-important positive connection with potential employers!  

This is a free, no-cost to you program. It will give you the resources necessary to find that job you love — and keep it for a long time!
Here's what to expect from Autism Career Connections:

●    Discover your skills – including those you thought you didn’t have.
●    Learn to write a resume and cover letter that will get noticed.
●    Understand how to apply for jobs, including what works and what doesn’t. 
●    Prepare for interviews, including etiquette, the questions they might ask, and transportation.
●    Review a post-interview checklist. 
●    Learn how, if and when to disclose information about your disability or need for accommodation.

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Autism Career Connections is a self-paced online program — so you can come back at any time to continue where you left off and revisit important modules as often as you’d like.  

You will have unlimited access to Autism Career Connections. This means that you can review these resources with a friend, parent, or teacher if you require any help.

Show the world your skills and find a career that you love!

We strongly encourage all job seekers to also review the Employer Module to understand how employers will conduct their interviews.

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Learn about banking, what to expect when you start work, budgeting, shopping on a budget, understanding debt and credit, paying bills, and developing an awareness of financial scams to avoid.

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