Naofal Alyassi

Service Listing
Regulated Services Provided: Dentist
Description of services offered: Remote area service, Mobile dentistry. For those who can't reach a dentist or difficult for them to go outside. Basic service include examination, cleaning, filling. Extractions required dental xrays in case the individual can't get an x-ray or previous x-rays from previous dentist will do our best to assess the situation and give additional recommendations. Some traveling expenses might be needed depending on the distance which is within 2-3 hours from Oshawa. Can provide the service for group of people or single individual at private location or nursing homes. Basic help might be needed from PSW or another individual as having a DA to go to remote areas is difficult .
Naofal Alyassi (Dentist)
Age Groups Served: Preschool
Language(s): English-Anglais
Primary Work Location

883 Masson St.
Oshawa, ON
L1G 5B1