Webinar - Back to School Part 1: Strategies to Prepare for School Routines with Kristin Gunby and Bethany Brewin

Back to School – A Two-Part Webinar Miniseries for a Successful September Start  

As summer holidays come to an end, you may be thinking about backpacks, water bottles, and pencil cases. You may be wondering where do I start, who should I speak with, and what should I expect? This two-part mini webinar series aims to support caregivers in transitioning their child to school by building routines for success and supporting positive communication with their child’s school team. This series will provide information and strategies for parents and caregivers of children at all stages in their school journey.  

Back to School Part 1: Strategies to Prepare for School Routines with Kristin Gunby and Bethany Brewin

Join Kristin Gunby (Behaviour Analyst, M.S., BCBA) and Bethany Brewin (Occupational Therapist, M.Sc.O.T) as we discuss simple routines that you can implement at home to help students of any age make the transition to school a smooth one. In addition, we will talk about how to prepare your child for school with some planning and creativity from the comfort of your home and community. This webinar is appropriate for parents and caregivers of children of all ages. 

Additional sessions in this series: Part 2: Strategies for Connecting with your School Team

This event is part of our Back-to-School Collection, view the entire collection here: https://bit.ly/AOBackToSchool 


Speaker: Bethany Brewin M.Sc.O.T.

Bethany is an experienced occupational therapist living in Simcoe County. She attended the University of Toronto for her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. She has worked with children, youth, and families across Canada, as well as providing consultation services to childcare settings, schools, and community organizations. Bethany has presented on a variety of topics over the years, from fine motor skills to healthy eating; she was a panelist at a recent symposium on the impact of screen time on early childhood development. She is particularly passionate about connecting with the world around us through mindfulness: engaging our senses to connect with our surroundings. Bethany is part of Autism Ontario’s "Subject Matter Expert" team. 

Speaker: Kristin Gunby, M.S., BCBA, Behaviour Analyst  


 Kristin is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) with over twenty years of experience supporting individuals with Autism and their families. Kristin completed her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at Brock University and her Master of Science in Behaviour Analysis from St. Cloud State University. Kristin has worked both privately and publicly as a clinician throughout various iterations of the Ontario Autism Program. She has also worked as an Applied Behavior Analysis Facilitator for a public-school board in Ontario. She has published studies in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Interventions in the areas of safety skills, joint attention, and teaching presentations. Kristin is part of Autism Ontario’s newly formed “Subject Matter Expert” Team.

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