k-12 Education Standards Development Committee Recommendations (Initial Report)


Autism Ontario Responds to k-12 Education Standards Development Committee Recommendations

The committee has produced a document that names and addresses both the practical steps and systemic changes required for equity in education in our province. The committee's efforts in setting Ontario on a constructive path are deeply appreciated. As an organization advocating for a vulnerable segment of society, Autism Ontario acknowledges that the invoking of human-rights legislation and code, as reference, guide and spur, is a necessity both sobering and encouraging. Accessibility to social benefits everywhere, including the classroom, is indeed a matter of human rights, and it will save us all time and other resources if this is delivered consistently across the province instead of piecemeal, one court case at a time. In your response to your call for feedback, Autism Ontario (AO) assembled a small team to review all the recommendations contained in the document and produce written commentary, which is laid out in detail below and organized according to the system used in the below document.