Webinar - Ask the Doctor with Dr. Wendy Roberts

Everything you wanted to ask your doctor about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and more! This webinar will cover early signs of ASD, when and how to make a diagnosis, early intervention principles, and medical problems including sleep, nutrition, GI problems and toilet training. Dr. Wendy Roberts will also review competence building at all ages and communication strategies.


Dr Wendy Roberts

Dr. Wendy Roberts, The Hospital for Sick Children Developmental Pediatrician Co-Director, Autism Research Unit, Professor Emerita, University of Toronto

During her career as a developmental pediatrician, Dr. Wendy Roberts has been an active participant in a variety of clinical research projects relevant to the goals of improving care for individuals with autism. Her main role in research has been as clinician collaborator and site principal investigator on a variety of projects related to defining the etiology, refining the definition, and searching for interventions for

A large part of her role has been knowledge transfer through continuing medical education. She has been active in teaching physicians how to identify autism more efficiently, and to follow children closely for developmental and medical issues. Since 2003, Dr. Roberts has been a mentor in the CIHR Autism Research Training Program and has expanded her role in training and maintenance of reliability for use of autism diagnostic measures by colleagues, graduate students and research coordinators in autism research teams working across Canada.

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