Wyatt and His Steer, Rufus Give Back to Autism Ontario!

Wyatt, Rufus, and friends
Peter Fritjers, Parent

1 minute read - Our son Wyatt has always had an interest in helping us in the barn. So when this past summer some very special friends of Wyatt’s, Rob Hasson and Karen McMaster suggested Wyatt show a steer this fall at our Premier Fallsview Junior Jackpot show, it didn’t a lot of persuading too get Wyatt on board! With the help of many people, Wyatt worked hard on his steer Rufus washing and brushing him twice a day.  

As the show approached, we were talking to Wyatt about what he wanted to do with the money he would receive from the sale of Rufus.  Wyatt didn’t hesitate for a minute. He thought about his sister Willow, who is autistic and said, “Give it to Autism Ontario.” We thought that was a great idea: Wyatt we would donate half of the sale proceeds to Autism Ontario and would keep the other half.  

Typically, at the Premier Fallsview Junior Show, we have an auction sale for the kids to sell their steers. In this case with what Wyatt wanted to do, we sold tickets on Rufus, for $250 each, with one person winning Rufus. The support Wyatt received was overwhelming. We sold 83 tickets across Canada and even some in the U.S. In the end, Rufus earned $20,750, out of which Wyatt donated $10,375 to Autism Ontario Huron Perth Chapter!  

As an added bonus, Rufus was named Grand Champion Market animal at the show! 

Wyatt would like to say a big thanks to some very special people that helped him with getting Rufus ready Rob Hasson, Karen McMaster , Nat Grylls, Braeden Wheppler, Madison Either and Abby Debus, along with all the generous people that bought tickets and supported him on this journey. 

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