I actually really like wearing a mask?

An Asian woman with purple hair dressed in black stands in a cool pose wearing a black mask.
Autistic Anon

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I actually really like wearing a mask?  

Which I personally find incredibly surprising. 

As someone who often feels overstimulated by what I'm wearing, I usually avoid unnecessary accessories. I don't really wear hats or jewelry. I can sometimes tolerate a watch, although I usually end up taking it on and off throughout the day (I used to lose a lot of watches before I somehow broke the habit of leaving them places). I've certainly hated every Halloween mask I've ever worn. 

If you'd asked me before all this how I felt about masks, I'd have said wearing a sweaty piece of fabric over my face would be a nightmare. A nightmare I'd gladly endure to help keep people safe, but still a nightmare. 

And yet, here we are. 

I'm pretty sure this boils down to three reasons: 

1) Masks appeal to my secret desire to dress like a cyberpunk protagonist. Which I would not actually do since I could never pull it off and it would probably be very uncomfortable. It’s just too much leather. I would die. 

2) I am a big nerd and this is just another outlet for me to buy merch of the things I love that actually has a practical use. I am sure the kid I saw on the bus wearing a Pikachu mask agrees with me. 

3) Social Anxiety. 

The last is the most important. Do you have any idea how much easier casual encounters with cashiers/salespeople/strangers/etc. are when I do not have to worry about what expression my face is making? It is monumentally easier to speak to the mother of the kid in the Pikachu mask on the bus who started talking to me for no reason. Sorry Pikachu mom; it’s not you it’s me. 

Anyway, masks are great, wear ‘em. Even if you’re not me and don’t inexplicably love them. It’s a pandemic guys. 

- Autistic Anon 


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