Celebrate World Autism Day with us on April 6th!

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Autism Ontario

Even though COVID-19 has changed how we’re celebrating, we are still celebrating!

Many of our in-person Raise the Flag events may be not be happening this year, but we are still rallying together to increase understanding, acceptance, and celebration of people on the autism spectrum, foster support, and inspire a more inclusive world.

Here’s how you can celebrate with us!


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First, join us at 2pm EDT for a live launch of our new video, What

Autism Means to Us!

We asked you, the autism community, what autism means to you, and you told us! 

Join us at 2pm on April 6th for a live launch of our video collection of your submissions. Let's celebrate World Autism Day, encourage autism acceptance, and celebrate autistic voices! The video will be available with English and French captions.

Click here to watch the video!

Two women stand in their backyward in front of the World Autism Day flag hanging from their fence

Second, #RaiseTheFlagForAutism at home!

If you’re one of the approximately 450 people who were able to order a flag before we ran out, or if you have one from last year, we hope you’ll raise your flag wherever you’re celebrating! Don’t worry if you don’t have a flagpole; you can also hang it from a railing, on the wall, or just hold it up for all to see!

If you weren’t able to order a flag, you can print and decorate your own!

We’re still accepting submissions from children and youth to our Raise the Flag Colouring Contest until 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 6th! Even if you can’t enter the contest, we encourage everyone to print and decorate your own flag and display it! Take a picture of it and post it online! You can put it on your window, on your front door or just pose with it!

Click here to print a flag!

Click here to enter the colouring contest!

Some more suggestions!

  • Browse our educational toolkits for all ages to learn about autism and how you can make your community a better and more inclusive place for autistic people.
  • Share your story of community, acceptance, and inclusion!
  • Invite your friends to a virtual World Autism Day celebration and wave your flags together.

Whatever you do, show us how you’re celebrating by posting online and tagging us at @AutismONT on Twitter, @autismontario on Instagram or @autismontarioprovincial on Facebook  and using the hashtags, #RaiseTheFlagForAutism and #WorldAutismDay!


$21 for 2021

Finally, we have a favour to ask: if you’re in a place where you are comfortable doing so, please consider making a $21 donation to Autism Ontario. These are especially challenging times, and our staff and volunteers are working even harder to ease the stress of people on the autism spectrum and provide accessible and meaningful resources and support them through this extended difficult time.

Click here to donate.


We hope you enjoy the day! 

See you online!