Autism Ontario Membership

Congratulations!  We are so happy that you have decided to be a Member of Autism Ontario for 2023!

Save-the-date for the 2023 AGM taking place Saturday, September 23, 2023.

The format of the AGM (virtual, in-person, or hybrid) will be determined closer to the AGM date.

I understand that as a Member of Autism Ontario (AO) I will:

  • provide up-to-date contact information to AO.
  • agree to receive communications from AO.
  • agree to having my name publicised by AO.
  • attend the AO Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) or provide a proxy ballot for general or specific voting items
  • attend meetings of Members, as required.
  • exercise my voting rights, in person or by proxy, at the AGM.
  • not violate any provision of AO’s Articles, By-Law, or written policies.
  • not carry out any conduct which may be detrimental to AO.
  • read and abide by the Autism Ontario Members Code of Conduct (click here to download)
I understand that failure to comply with the above may result in my Membership being suspended or terminated.
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