OAP Information Sessions

Autism Ontario offers support to all families interested in accessing the Ontario Autism Program (OAP), currently registered in the program and waiting for their childhood budget or interim one time funding or families currently receiving services. We provide workshops, training sessions and individual direct support.


OAP Information and Reconciliation Sessions:


Autism Ontario will be offering these sessions virtually to keep parents, guardians and caregivers informed. Please register for the session that is convenient for you. Once you are registered, you will receive a ZOOM link with instructions about how to access.


OAP Expense Reconciliation Session (How to Submit Your OAP Expenses)During this information session, an Autism Ontario Service Navigator will lead you through the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) reconciliation process. This session will cover these topics: 

  • Tips and tricks on managing your funds 
  • Eligible expense headings and subcategories 
  • How to fill out the online expense form 

This session is intended for those in receipt of OAP Childhood Budget or One-Time Interim Funding.  

OAP Orientation: Do you have questions about the new Ontario Autism Program? Autism Ontario can help answer your questions and support you in navigating the changes in the system. At this workshop, you will learn what these changes are, how they affect you and your family, and what a childhood budget is. You’ll also get to know Autism Ontario and their new Service Navigation Program, designed to help families navigate the OAP and childhood budgets, find qualified providers, learn about the autism supports and services in your region, and have opportunities to connect with other local families to share knowledge, provide support, and build community.

Interim One Time Funding Sessions: Do you have questions about the interim one time funding process? Have you received an interim one time funding form? Do you have questions about eligible expenses? Autism Ontario’s network of Service Navigators is designed to ensure families don’t have to navigate alone. This workshop is available to all parents and caregivers, and is designed to empower you with information. Whether your child is registered for the Ontario Autism Program, or waiting for interim one time funding, this workshop will cover what you need to know.


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