Webinar - Self Regulation and Well-Being with Stuart Shanker

Join Dr. Stuart Shanker, author of "Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (And You) Break the Stress Cycle" and "Successfully Engage with Life", as he discusses the importance of self-regulation for the wellbeing of adolescents with ASD. Dr. Shanker’s research has shown that Self-Reg,
(Dr. Shanker’s method for understanding stress and energy flow), is highly effective in helping parents, professionals and teens alike manage
the major stresses in their lives. Learn how stresses including independence, peer relationships, parent-child relationships and sexuality can be managed through self- regulation and well-being.


Presenter - Stuart Shanker

Stuart Shanker

Stuart Shanker, D. Phil (Oxon), is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology at York University, and the CEO of the MEHRIT Centre, Ltd. (www.self-reg.ca). His most recent book has garnered glowing reviews around the world, being published in Canada, the US, the UK, South Korea, Poland, Germany, The Czech Republic and The Netherlands, with further translations and foreign editions in the works.