Webinar - Building Friendships Through Playdates with Leslie Cohen and Antoinette Falco

This one-hour webinar, facilitated by Leslie Cohen and Antoinette Falco, will focus on positive steps you can take to help your child enjoy successful play interactions with peers. Learn a variety of techniques for managing and structuring playdates and getting your child ready to have fun with other kids.

Topics include:
• Anatomy of a successful playdate
• Practicing for a playdate
• Building turn-taking skills
• Scaffolding and fading
• Choosing toys and activities
• The power of priming
• Peer-coaching
• Using schedules to structure playdates



Leslie Cohen

Leslie Cohen has been working with children and adults diagnosed with ASD for the past 16  years in the United States and Canada. She specializes in helping caregivers effectively support people with ASD through creative, positive, science-based interventions. She is a licensed psychologist in the state of New York and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the PhD level. Dr. Cohen is currently the clinical director of L & A Educational Services, and a school psychologist with the Amherst Public Schools in Massachusetts, where she designs data collection systems and training programs for staff, and consults to multidisciplinary ASD teams.