Connections SLP

Répertoire des services
Services réglementés fournis: Orthophoniste
Description des services offerts: Our registered speech-language pathologists provide TalkAbility programs (for children ages 5-8), PEERS programs (grades 7-12) and our own PlayGreat @ Connections SLP program (grades 1-6). We focus on social learning group programs for families of children and teens who struggle with making and keeping friends despite having great language and strong thinking skills. Parents learn to act as social coaches in all of our programs, which are about 2-4 months in length and focused on early and later friendship skills. All programs are offered virtually and available to families across Ontario.
Lanni Zinberg-Swartz (Orthophoniste)
Groupes d'âge desservis: Élémentaire, Secondaire
Langue(s): Anglais
Lieu de travail principal

Thornhill, ON
L4J 7W2