Ressources de transition

Autisme Ontario s’efforce d’accompagner les jeunes individus autistes et leurs familles dans leur transition vers l’âge adulte.

Les gens font appel aux services de transition d’Autisme Ontario pour trouver réponse à leurs nombreuses interrogations, qu’il s’agisse de la planification et de la préparation de l’âge adulte, du passage aux services et soutiens pour adultes, du financement, des options pour l’après-secondaire (études postsecondaires, emplois, engagement dans la communauté, etc.), et plus encore.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous des liens menant à des ressources, à du matériel pédagogique et à des contenus produits par de jeunes autistes, leurs familles ou des professionnels, et qui peuvent s’avérer utiles au cheminement vers l’âge adulte.

Journey to Adulthood

Autism Ontario offers two programs for families navigating the journey from youth to adult. These include:

Journey to Adulthood Workshop

Journey to Adulthood is a 90-minute virtual presentation that introduces key topics in the transition from youth to adult. It is open to parents and caregivers of youth ages 12–18 who are in the AccessOAP program. This workshop is typically offered quarterly.

Journey to Adulthood Discussion Program

Our Journey to Adulthood Discussion Program is a six-week virtual workshop discussing key topics in the transition from youth to adult. This workshop is typically hosted for:

  • Parents and caregivers of youth ages 12–15 who are attending elementary or secondary education, and
  • Parents and caregivers of youth ages 16–20 who are attending secondary education.

Topics may include funding, consent capacity and legal issues, post secondary options, building community connections, employment, and advocacy. This program is typically offered in fall, winter, and spring.


Living Life to the Full
Brochure for Living Life to the Full

Living Life to the Full is a fun and engaging eight-week course that provides people from all walks of life with effective tools to maximize their ability to manage life’s challenges. The group-oriented course is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) which focuses on understanding how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours work together to impact well-being. Each 90-minute session focuses on a different topic, such as understanding unhelpful thoughts, engaging in enjoyable activities, coping with anger and solving daunting problems.

This program offers free opportunities for Ontario adults on the spectrum and caregivers of individuals on the spectrum to learn wellness and coping skills.

Download the Living Life to the Full brochure.

Autism Career Connections

Finding meaningful work is important. At Autism Ontario, we believe that everyone has the right to dignified and respectful careers, in environments that foster growth and lifelong satisfaction. Autistic adults and youth deserve this dignity and respect. Autism Career Connections is an online workshop that helps both job seekers on the autism spectrum and employers create safe and healthy workplaces.

Using a modular approach, employers and HR professionals will learn how to design inclusive working environments, adopt unbiased hiring practices, and foster success within the autistic community. Job seekers can look forward to employment preparedness programs. You will learn about your strengths, how to write a resume, expand your interview skills, and discover where to find work.

Autism Career Connections is free, online, and on-demand.

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Ressources de transition
Pictogramme de la transition jeunesse-âge adulte

Renseignements de base sur le cheminement vers l’âge adulte

Pictogramme de la transition jeunesse-âge adulte

Liste de contrôle des principales activités

Liste d’activités clés à cocher sur votre liste de choses à faire durant votre parcours de transition

Liste de contrôle des principales activités