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Neurodiversity is Workplace Diversity

Help Create Careers for Autistic People

Did you know that 63% of unemployed autistic adults want to work? Adults on the autism spectrum are loyal, intelligent, and career-oriented, with a passion to help you and your organization succeed. Hiring autistic adults is good for business. 

Unfortunately, due to inaccessible workplace environments and implicit hiring biases, many of these valuable persons will never bring their skills and passion to your team.

You can change that.

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Individuals who are neurodivergent, including those on the autism spectrum, are often stigmatized or considered underqualified based on how they identify. These biases contribute to non-inclusive workplace cultures and create psychological and physical barriers, leading to high turnover. 

This module will dispel many of these myths and help you create a respectful environment where all employees can thrive.

Autism Career Connections helps to dismantle barriers that can prevent many autistic individuals from finding and keeping meaningful and satisfying employment

What to expect from Autism Career Connections:

  • What autism and neurodiversity means
  • What autism looks like in the workplace
  • How healthier physical and attitudinal environments benefit all employees
  • Attracting Autistic neurodivergent talent and inclusive hiring practices
  • Your legal obligations

How is Autism Career Connections Different from Other Inclusion Workshops?

Unlike many other inclusivity workshops that focus on physical abilities, Autism Career Connections addresses the autism community and their needs exclusively. This provides detailed insights on hiring disparities and comprehensive step-by-step solutions.

This convenient online resource is free, self-guided, and accessible 24/7. That way if you need to revisit and refresh your knowledge — or share your learnings with your team — you can do so at any time.

Autism Ontario was founded in 1973 as an effort to connect parents to educational and support services for their autistic children. Autism Career Connections is the next step on a journey towards a supportive and inclusive Ontario for autism.

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Module 3: For Employers

This module is for employers and HR professionals who are interested in learning more about autism and how to support inclusive, accessible employment. Click here to access this free module!

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