Autism Career Connections

Fair Jobs. Equal Employment. Inclusive Workplaces.

Autism Career Solutions

Finding meaningful work is important. At Autism Ontario, we believe that everyone has the right to dignified and respectful careers, in environments that foster growth and lifelong satisfaction.

Autistic adults and youth deserve this dignity and respect. Autism Career Connections is an online workshop that helps both job seekers on the autism spectrum and employers create safe and healthy workplaces.

Using a modular approach, employers and hiring managers will learn how to design inclusive working environments, adopt unbiased hiring practices, and foster success within the autistic community.

Job seekers can look forward to employment preparedness programs. You will learn about your strengths, how to write a resume, expand your interview skills, and discover where to find work.

Autism Career Connections is free, online, and on-demand.


Unemployment and underemployment is often not a choice. A recent Canadian study suggests that the Autistic community and other neurodivergent folks account for 87% of young adults without work. Job seekers on the spectrum are loyal,  enthusiastic, resilient,  ambitious, team-players, and authentic;  skills necessary to help any business thrive.

By educating career seekers, employers, and HR professionals, we are creating a brighter future for all employees.

Autism Career Connections is a collaborative effort with Apex Academy, a leading educational platform providing equitable access to knowledge in the digital space.

Let’s dismantle workplace discrimination and create career opportunities!


Job Seeker Computer
For Autistic Job Seekers
Learn the skills and tools necessary to apply for work and succeed in interviews.
Image of laptop computer, calculator and notebook for budgeting.
Personal Finance Course for Autistic Youth and Adults

Learn about banking, what to expect when you start work, budgeting, shopping on a budget, understanding debt and credit, paying bills, and developing an awareness of financial scams to avoid.

A man sits a desk holding a clipboard across from another man and woman with a laptop
For Employers and Hiring Managers

Learn more about autism and how to support inclusive, accessible employment.

Help Us Create More Learning Modules