Let's Talk Guelph

Répertoire des services
Services réglementés fournis: Orthophoniste
Description des services offerts: At Let’s Talk Guelph, we are a team of devoted Speech-Language Pathologists. We deliver a multidisciplinary approach to providing assessments and treatment for adults & children of all ages, with a wide variety of needs, including:

Speech/Phonological delays
Receptive and Expressive Language delays (“understanding” and “output”)
Apraxia of Speech
Dysfluency (“stuttering”)
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sensory processing – Fine/Gross Motor delays; Self Care
Handwriting/Written Output
Reading/Writing delays in school-aged children
Laura Booth (Orthophoniste)
Deveney D'Souza (Orthophoniste)
Saima Latif (Orthophoniste)
Deb McKelvey (Orthophoniste)
Briauna Wnukowski (Orthophoniste)
Groupes d'âge desservis: Préscolaire, Élémentaire, Secondaire
Langue(s): Anglais
Lieu de travail principal

212 Speedvale Ave. W.
Guelph, ON
N1H 1C4