Webinar - Live - Exploring and Engaging Autistic People’s Experiences with Applied Behaviour Analysis



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To move forward as a field comprised of people who value ethics, progress, and neurodiversity-affirming practices, applied behaviour analysis (ABA) researchers and practitioners should listen to the experiences and perspectives of the community to meaningfully support Autistic people. This virtual panel is situated within a larger ABA initiative focused on improving the practice of ABA. This synchronous virtual event will allow participants the opportunity to engage with panel members. The goal is for participants to understand a sample of current ABA sentiments and ideas for progress.   

This presentation is primarily designed for Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. We welcome other professionals, persons with lived experience, caregivers of people on the spectrum, and anyone else who may be interested in this topic.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To hear and reflect on Autistic people’s stories, perspectives, and experiences about how ABA practices have influenced their lives. 
  2. To discuss strategies for incorporating autistic voices to continue the betterment of ABA research and practice.

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Continuing education certificates will not be accredited for watching the recorded version of the webinar.

Meet our Panellists: 

Paige Layle, Panelist:

Paige Layle was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 15. It was then she was recommended ABA as her next resource for autism therapy, as it was the only free service offered for autistic children in Ontario. She quickly realized it wasn’t for her when she only felt frustrated and very, very confused. Now 23, Layle influences millions around the world on social media, where she shares her story and connects with other autistic people and their families. 

Paige has loved working with kids since she was 11 years old, and continues influencing the youth today as a dance teacher in Bobcaygeon. Although participating in few ABA sessions, she has spent hundreds of hours learning about behaviourism, autism, and child psychology and child development. She comes full of ideas on how to improve ABA practice, and is full of excitement to communicate and collaborate. 



Alec Pemberton, Panelist:

Alec Pemberton is a practicing IBI therapist and a graduate of the Toronto Preschool Autism program (TPAS). Alec went through TPAS from 2000-2003. Since then, he has excelled in learning opportunities and has even graduated with a Behaviour Science Technician diploma. Alec has worked with children ages 5-8, teenagers aged 13-16 and adults aged 20-23 and has been in the field for almost 2 years.

Alec has gone on to do presentations for ONTABA as a keynote speaker for ABAJAM in 2019 and was on a panel of ABA practitioners discussing the difficulties and learning opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic whilst working on his diploma in 2021 and continues to help provide an autistic voice in the community.

Alec has found the online reception to ABA based treatments quite odd due to his positive relationship with them and has been studying the root of the problems with ABA to help improve the lives of his clients and himself.



Elsbeth Dodman, Panelist:

Elsbeth Dodman is an Autistic woman diagnosed at 14. She has been giving talks and presentations on Autism Spectrum Disorder since she was 18. Elsbeth has a post graduate certificate in Autism Behavioral Science and has worked with the Ontario Child Advocate's office on the We Have Something to Say project. Elsbeth has been on the board of the OAC and lives at home with her family. 



Phebe Palmer, Panelist:

Phebe Palmer is a 24 year old Autistic and Mad (reclaimed) Disability Studies student, who has unique experience with ABA and other behaviourist interventions. Her thoughts on ABA and behaviourists are centred around abolitionist thought, restorative and transformative justice, the Mad Pride movement, and an intersectional lens. She believes very stubbornly that this is a conversation we need to have, to keep having, and to approach with radical love and honesty until we can all face each other and truly understand each “other.” It is imperative that we humanize each other if we are to be allies in advocating for liberation and belonging!

Professionally, her experience is limited. She has had some experience with ABA on a volunteer basis, and it was something she had a negative reaction to and has spent the past few years seeking to find and share clarity on. 

She comes only with love and hope for her community, and a desire for a holistic approach to the treatment of her Autistic comrades and their loved ones! 


Moderated By: Matt Ley 

Matt Ley is the current President and co-founder of The Streaming Network. Starting his career in virtual events in 2007, Matt is an industry veteran that is passionate about helping customers stand out in their industry with compelling virtual events that people want to attend. The driving ambition for Matt is that virtual events are not a utility for information distribution but an opportunity for firms to create a competitive advantage. Matt is an accomplished speaker, moderator and a sought-after thought leader.





Disclaimer: Opinions reflected in this webinar are those of the speaker(s) and presenter(s), and do not necessarily reflect the views of Autism Ontario, Brock University or Western University. Please note Autism Ontario does not endorse any specific therapy, product, treatment, strategy, opinions, service, or individual. We do, however, endorse your right to information. Autism Ontario strongly believes that it is important to do your own research and make your own informed decisions. 

October 17th, 2023 12:00 PM   through   1:30 PM
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