Autism Ontario works to support autistic adults and their families reach their potential. Through positive advocacy work alongside autistic adults, professional community stakeholders and policy makers, Autism Ontario aims to collaboratively envision and help create responsive services and opportunities for autistic adults in Ontario.  

People connect with Adult Services at Autism Ontario seeking answers to questions about transitioning to adulthood, post-secondary education, accessing a diagnostic assessment as an adult, available funding, mental health and addictions services, housing, scholarships, life-planning, positive advocacy, and learning about social, economic and learning opportunities. 

On the menu on the left-hand side of this screen, you will find webinars, learning materials, and content written by autistic adults and professionals about some of these topics. This list also includes information about our annual Autism Ontario Education Scholarships, The Building Brighter Futures Fund, The David Conforti Volunteerism Award, the Mental Health Matters initiative and additional information that may be helpful for autistic adults and/or caregivers.  

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