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A.B.L.E. Support Services
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A.B.L.E. Support Services

Central East Region

"Wanted to pass along our thanks for the recent cookie kit! Our son really enjoyed the independence the kit provided and was proud to serve his cookies as dessert to his auntie and uncle."
Mom of a cookie kit participant

Central East Region

    Toronto Region

    “My daughter absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for what you do and what you bring to families. It couldn’t have been more perfect thing, especially when she has been stuck at home all week!”

    Melissa mom of six-year-old

    Toronto Region


    Applied Behaviour Analysis services including skill building, reduction of interfering behaviours, and parent coaching.
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    With over 20,000 families served, our experienced Behaviour Therapists provide a broad range of individually tailored therapy for children and adults in the comfort of their home, school, daycare or office. Professional services are covered under most private insurance plans as well as the Ontario Autism Funding Program and registered children’s charities. Speech Associates providers work with your family and other professionals to identify your child’s individual needs and goals as you enter The Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

    We can help with:
    Toileting Skills - Wipe and Pull Up Program
    Picky Eating and Feeding
    Daily Living Skills
    Social Communication
    Reducing Problem Behaviours (agression, hitting, biting, etc.)
    Sharing, Eye Contact, Greeting
    Transitioning Between Activites
    Fine Motor Skills
    Functional Play
    Responding to Name
    Emotional Regulation
    Following Directions
    Answering Questions
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    AlphaBee provides ABA services to children and youth with ASD and other developmental disabilities. Services include 1:1 ABA sessions, small group ABA services (including classrooms and social skills), early intervention, training through our online platform, alphabeePRO, BACB supervision, as well as telehealth remote services.
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    Behavioural assessment, plan design, and intervention.
    Skill development in self-care, play, communication, language, literacy, health and hygiene, and behaviour management.
    School transition and supports
    Parent/family training and consultation
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    We provide evidence-based relational approaches to supporting children with Autism and their families. At Attuned Families we believe that your family can be a place of nourishment, filling you and your children with love and courage so that everyday life is easier and more enjoyable.

    We provide family and child therapy to help every family member feel seen and valued. Your family’s unique needs and goals are at the centre of our process. We directly work with families and their children in addressing anger, anxiety, ADHD, Autism, behavioural problems, big feelings, learning differences, school troubles, social difficulties, and family/sibling relationships.

    We will partner with you, the most important person to your child to help you regulate your kids’ emotions and raise your child’s confidence and connection to you.
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    Behaviour Matters provides social skills and emotional regulation skills groups for children, teens and adults 4+, behavioural therapy, family therapy, parent coaching/programs and camps.
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    ABA and Behaviour modification.
    Beyond the Door Behaviour Associates Inc. (BTD) is committed to helping children living with neuro-developmental disorders (including Autism Spectrum Disorder) develop the necessary Communication, Intellectual, Physical, Behavioural and Social skills for successful integration at home, at school and in the community. We believe that every learner has the potential to develop beyond their current level and deserves the opportunity to maximize their abilities and reach their full potential. We are dedicated to personal ‘hands-on’ service.
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    Speech and Language Therapy including:
    Individual therapy
    Parent coaching
    Social communication groups
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    -One-to-one ABA Sessions
    -Social Skills
    -Communication Skills
    -Toilet Training
    -Parent Training
    -Fine Motor Skills
    -Life Skills
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    The Brighton Launch Adult Program is a comprehensive all-inclusive program for young adults 18+ with developmental exceptionalities, focusing on job preparation training and work placement; skills for independent living; community and transit skills; social skills; development of general knowledge and literacy/numeracy skills; and development of recreation and leisure pursuits.
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    - Speech-Language rehab groups for children with ASD
    - Socio-emotional rehab groups for children with ASD
    - Behavioral rehab groups for children with ASD
    - Educational groups for caregivers of children with ASD
    - Case management
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    Student Links is a free mentorship program for students aged 14-21 who identify as having an intellectual disability (no documentation required). The goal of the initiative is to match students with a mentor who specializes in an area that the student has expressed interest in and wishes to explore. Currently, all mentorships are happening virtually and are customized to each student. Mentorships can include things such as job shadowing, developing hard and soft skills, networking, and exploring a diverse range of roles for their future after school. We are currently recruiting students in the Markham/York Region area, please note that there is no waitlist. If interested in learning more about this fantastic initiative, please email Sherley Leitan at
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    We provide in-clinic and in-home occupational therapy services (assessment, treatment and consultation) to address fine/gross motor and sensory needs in children from 0-18 years. We also provide QiGong Sensory Treatment, an evidence-based treatment for Autism.
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    A multidisciplinary approach with a Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapy.
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    Family, Organizational & Individual Special Needs Consulting
    Cross sectoral service navigation of the special needs systems for all ages and abilities regardless of diagnosis, geography, age and other typical eligibility criteria. Offerings such as transition planning, funding application support, workshops, person-centered planning and facilitation. Creating an individual plan that includes educational, recreational, cultural, volunteer, employment pathways and more.

    Your Path/Your Future/Your Choice
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    Ateliers de soutien en santé mentale pour les parents
    Groupes de soutien pour les parents
    Consultations de santé mentale pour les parents
    Notre approche est interculturelle et inclut l'éducation sur les aspects culturels de l'autisme et la réaction des familles. Les familles avec lesquelles nous travaillons sont issues des communuatés noires principalement, mais il y'en a quelques unes issues de la diversité. Nos activités se donnent en ligne ou en présentiel.
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    1:1 ABA/IBI Therapy
    1:1 Occupational Therapy
    1:1 Speech Therapy
    Behavioural Consultation
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    Kerry Maisels is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) who is passionate about working with individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. She is dedicated to supporting the individuals and families she works with in achieving their goals.
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    Speech-Language Assessments, Speech Therapy, Parent Training, School Visits, Consultations, referral Services, Bilingual services.
    In-person and Teletherapy.
    We are several Speech-Language Pathologists at KIDSPEECH; since 1988.
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    Launch Behavioural Health provides evidence based services for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. Services include:

    -Comprehensive and Focused Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), including one to one direct services, parent coaching, behaviour support, toileting, and sleep consultations
    -Psychological assessment, including developmental, diagnostic, and Autism assessments
    -Psychological therapy
    -Social skills groups

    Services are provided in person and online, as clinically appropriate. All services are supervised by a registered psychologist and/or a BCBA/BCBA-D.
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