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Thank You Rival Business Solutions!

For the past several years Rival Business Solutions, owner Ken Lucas, has committed to the Rival Charity Golf Tournament, donating proceeds of the tournament to four charities- Autism Ontario London being one of the charities. 

Our London Chapter, and the community it serves, appreciates all the opportunities Rival has provided.  Rivals tournament donations have been used to support social learning opportunities (clubs, and groups) for youth and children with autism; in addition to making resources and support available to parents.  

London Chapter represented Rival Hole #17 this year.  Families with autism provided a ball washing opportunity to players and a questionnaire on autism.  Our families enjoyed the day.  This social opportunity allowed for individuals to be the experts on their autism, share autism awareness facts, and explain the questionnaire and draw. 

Thank you to:  Powerhouse Brewery, Fionn MacCool’s, Toboggan Brewery, Beertown and McCabe’s for their donations for the draw and supporting our organisation when asked. 

Thank you to all those that participated in the tournament, we hope to have your continued support. 

Thank you for the thousands of positive experiences and smiles you have provided, this is just two of those smiles.

Rival Golf
Autism Fun Day with O Serves – Orientation Western Volunteers
O Serves 1
O Serves 2
O Serves 3

On September 7th, Autism Ontario London was supported by UWO volunteer students to support the first week back to school for families with autism.  The event goal was to provide a sensory friendly environment that children with autism and their siblings could engage in games , rock painting and yoga.  It also broadened the experience of the university students with personal experience,  providing connections with autism.

The activities supported social engagement and taught relaxation methods with yoga, breathing and painting.  Everyone made a new friend  – COMPLETE SUCCESS!  

Thank you O’ Serves volunteers, our Autism Ontario London committee, families and a special thanks to Emilia Klassen, a UWO student and yoga instructor, for volunteering her time and skills.

A huge thank you to our community supporters of this event:

Scholars Choice, providing new games,

Sobeys for providing snacks and

VP Landscaping for providing all the river rocks we wanted.

Your Involvement is Needed:

These opportunities for our families are valuable, they help individuals with autism connect with one another, create new peer friends,  and be accepted -reducing the feeling of isolation or being misundstood.  We need community support to create our clubs, groups,  and social supports – we are asking for your help.  Please help with donations, availability, opportunities and time.  We cannot do this without your aissistance. 

Please be generous and support Autism Ontario London- be part of a positive experience and change lives.