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Hope Autism Services

Central West Events

Currently our events are posted on our Facebook page. Please check back for more information or our event page and search by Chapter or Region.
Hope Autism Services have been delivering evidence-based core clinical services for the past 15 years throughout GTA. Our core clinical services provide children and youth affected by ASD with evidence-based clinical services individualized to their unique strengths, needs, and goals. All aspects of treatment are driven by family goals and values. Families are actively involved in every step of programming, from assessment and goal setting to program evaluation and coaching. In addition, our team integrates research evidence, clinical expertise, and client values to develop individualized and effective treatment plans for children, youth, and families. At Hope, OAP core clinical services include ABA, Speech (SLP), and OT which are based on a child’s unique needs and are delivered by a highly qualified team of pediatric professionals specialized in diverse disciplines; i.e. Psychologist, BCBA, RBT, Speech-Language Pathologist.
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