Did you miss the webinar: The Science of Making Friends for Teens and Young Adults with ASD: The UCLA PEERS® Program

Click here for more information and to watch the recorded webinar.

Are you interested in registering your child for a PEERS program? Email: christa@autismontario.com or marilyn@autismontario.com

Are you interested in facilitating PEERS Groups? Register today for PEERS Facilitator Training March 4-6, 2015 by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson for professionals interested in facilitating PEERS groups

Autism Ontario - York Region has a PEERS Group running November 13 to February 26.

If you live in London, area and would be interested in having your teen participate in PEERS Program please contact alicia@autismontario.com

If you live in the GTA and would be interested in having your teen participate in PEERS Program please contact shona@autismontario.com

   Posted September 19, 2014
NEW! Q & A with an Optometrist

A new Q & A with a regulated professional has been added to our Spirale web resource. It features great questions that may be helpful for parents; like: Many children with autism have sensory issues, how can an optometrist accommodate this? Click here.

   Posted September 30, 2014
Did you miss the Everyday ABA Webinar on August 6?

Access this webinar and two other resource rich and practical webinars here!

Hosted by Dr. Leslie Cohen, the Everyday ABA webinar provides a basic toolbox of positive and effective behavioural strategies for increasing adaptive behaviours that compete with, reduce, and replace challenging behaviours.

Dr. Cohen will also be running Everyday ABA Workshops in four locations across the province in 2014 and 2015:
Ottawa - Nov 22, 2014
York Region (Markham) - March 28, 2015 (link to come)

Avez-vous raté notre webinaire « L’ACA au quotidien » présenté le 6 août?

Vous pouvez le consulter ainsi que d’autres webinaires enrichissants et pratiques en cliquant ICI!

Animé par Leslie Cohen, psychologue, le webinaire Everyday ABA (L’ACA au quotidien) se veut d’abord et avant tout une boîte à outils de base proposant des stratégies comportementales positives et efficaces pour accroître les comportements adaptatifs qui font concurrence aux comportements à défi, en réduisant leur fréquence ou en les remplaçant.

Madame Cohen présentera aussi des ateliers sur le webinaire Everyday ABA (L’ACA au quotidien) à quatre endroits différents de la province en 2014 et 2015.
Ottawa - Le 22 novembre 2014
York (Markham) – Le 28 mars 2015

   Posted July 10, 2014

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