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Through your support, Autism Ontario serves as the province’s largest collective voice representing the autism community, made up of knowledgeable parents and professionals who can speak to ASD issues across Ontario. We are dedicated to providing ASD information and education, supporting research, and advocating for programs and services.

Every person on the spectrum and their family has a story, and we'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to those who've shared why they support Autism Ontario.

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   Posted November 29, 2016
Autism Ontario Holiday Hours

Please note that Autism Ontario's Provincial Office will be closed for regular business during the week of Monday December 26 – Friday December 30 for the holidays.

   Posted November 28, 2016
Click here to register your school, business or municipality Register today for the 2017 Raise the Flag campaign!

Join Autism Ontario on Monday, April 3, 2017 to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. Participation in our campaign means access to World Autism Awareness Day resources to help you celebrate!

Help us build ASD inclusive schools and communities across our province! !

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   Posted November 24, 2016
New: March Break Funding available on December 12th

The 2017 March Break Fund applications will be available on Monday, December 12, 2016 after 5:00 p.m., please check our website at that time to apply online

Vous pourrez présenter une demande, au titre du Fonds de remboursement de la semaine de relâche 2017, à compter de 17 h le 12 décembre 2016. Nous vous invitons à vous rendre sur notre site Web à compter de cette date et à nous transmettre votre demande en ligne.

   Posted November 17, 2016
Click here to register for the webinarWebinar: Successful Parents, Happy Families: 12 Strategies for Stressful Times!

Friday, December 16, 2016 12:00 PM EST

Being a parents/family member of a child, teen or adult with ASD can be highly stressful. "Perfect" parents and families do not exist, but some cope better than others. In his counselling practice, "successful parents" have taught Dale twelve strategies (secrets) for a happier and more fulfilling family life. With ideas from stress management and family therapy research, this session will reveal and discuss these strategy 'secrets'.

Webinaire –Successful Parents, Happy Families: 12 Strategies for Stressful Times!

Être parents/membres de la famille d’un enfant, d’un adolescent ou d’un adulte autiste est parfois très stressant. Il n’existe pas de familles et de parents « parfaits », mais certains s’accommodent de cette réalité mieux que d’autres. Au cours de ses années de pratique, des « parents efficaces » ont « enseigné » à Dale douze stratégies (secrets) pour que la famille soit plus heureuse et plus épanouie. Ce webinaire traitera des résultats de la recherche sur la gestion du stress et la thérapie familiale, en plus de révéler et analyser ces stratégies « secrètes

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   Posted October 31, 2016
Click here to read this year`s annual reportCheck out Autism Ontario's 2015/2016 Annual Report

Featured in this year's annual report this year include:

· Who we are

· Special Messages from the President and the Executive Director

· Our Services

· Fundraising & Awareness Highlights

· Supporters of Autism Ontario

Click here to read this year's annual report

   Posted October 24, 2016
Autism Ontario announces Margaret Spoelstra as our organization representative on the Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee

Right now, autism programming for children and youth is changing in our province.

Autism Ontario is pleased to have a position on The Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee and in this role, will continue to advocate for:

· Seamless, individualized, continually-assessed, evidence-based and effective interventions and supports across the lifespan of all people with ASD. Interventions and supports are provided in a timely and holistic manner with minimal or no waiting to ensure maximum effectiveness and the reduction of family stress.

· The creation of supportive environments and well-planned transitions for services that provide optimal participation, inclusion and success of the child or adult on the autism spectrum.

· Parents/caregivers as active, informed partners in the planning, delivery and evaluation of programs supports for their children and families.

· The need for more ASD-trained and regulated health professionals, educators, behaviour, communication therapists, mental health practitioners and ongoing ASD training to understand, intervene and support people with ASD at all ages and stages of development and life.

· Greater public awareness and understanding of the nature of ASD and ways to see the potential in every person on the spectrum.

To learn more about our position regarding autism programming for children and youth in Ontario, please click here.

   Posted September 15, 2016
Our response to the Ontario Ombudsman report on the treatment of adults with developmental disabilities in crisis

“Nowhere to Turn” Report Affirms Crisis in Ontario for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their Families.

Autism Ontario, its Chapters and the Ontario Partnership for Adults with Aspergers and Autism (OPAAA) regularly hear anguished reports from weary families having to abandon their adult children on the doorsteps of a system unprepared to meet their needs.

Click here to read OPAAA's full response.

Cliquez ici pour lire la réponse entière de OPAAA.

   Posted August 24, 2016
Click here - Cliquez iciAutism Ontario's Knowledge Base -
Base de connaissances

A bilingual, searchable database of brief, easy-to-understand documents that are relevant to the lives of youth and adults with ASD their families.

Une base de données bilingue et interrogeable ainsi qu’une série de courts documents faciles à comprendre concernant la vie des adolescents et des adultes ayant un TSA et celle de leurs familles respectives.
Click here - Cliquez ici

   Posted February 27, 2015
Please watch and share.New Autism Ontario Video

This video, which features the incredible Michael McCreary, is a wonderful introduction to autism spectrum disorder. The video was created to support customer service professionals when they provide services or support to people with ASD; however the positive response from the general public has been overwhelming. This video is so accessible and entertaining, it offers something for everyone.

We want everyone to understand autism and to see the potential!

Please watch and share.

   Posted September 28, 2016
Click here to visit the Ontario Trillium Foundation website

Autism Ontario is grateful for the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation that allows our partners to research themes in employment for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As part of a collaborative project with McMaster University and Autism LifePath, this study looks at workplace accommodations with the purpose of learning from accommodation practiced in workplaces across Ontario, and in addition, studies employers ability to make accommodations when employing people with ASD. This research includes data analysis on surveys, interviews, and town hall discussions with both employers and employees.

Click here to visit the Ontario Trillium Foundation website

   Posted August 17, 2016
Visit the microsite today!Access our Educational and Awareness Resources

Even though World Autism Awareness Day is over, we want schools and community members to have access to our autism awareness resources all year round. This includes:
- Educator toolkits
- An interactive sensory video experience
- Employment themed videos
- Community themed videos
- Stories and more!

Visit the microsite today!

   Posted May 19, 2016
Get started here!A future planning resource for people with a disability, their families and caregivers

This website is an incredible resource that includes:
- Disability and Funding Services
- Learning modules that explore various topics
- Inspiring Documentaries
- Free Professional Consultation
- Event Listing and much more!
Get started here!

   Posted January 16, 2015

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