York Region Summer Camp Programs

We are back for our 35th year of Autism Ontario Camp!  

A full description of our camp programming is below.  To register, visit https://autismontario.campbrainregistration.com/.  For assistance with your registration or to inquire about our programs, please contact Laura at laura.w@autismontario.com.

Please note: The safety of our staff, community and campers is of utmost importance to us. Dates and operations are subject to change based upon COVID-19 restrictions. Any necessary changes will be communicated to registrants via email.

Autism Ontario Kids ‘AOK’ Camp
ages 4 – 17 years 

This program provides each participant with their own counselor to ensure safety and support throughout their week in our program. Each day a new adventure awaits whether it is fun activities at our camp location or traveling to a big destination like the Toronto Zoo or a water park. Our campers enjoy all aspects of camp programming including lots of active pursuits. Being out in the community is a big part of our program plus providing unique sensory and developmental experiences completes a great camp programming day. 

Autism Ontario Adults ‘AOA’ Summer Program
ages 18+

All participants are supported by their own counselor who facilitates some great social and recreational experiences that are age-appropriate.  Attending water parks and rock climbing gyms, swimming, and going bowling, these are just some activities that our participants get to enjoy plus making friends and enjoying lots of social time.  Each counselor is highly-skilled and trained and we look forward to spending the summer with your young adult. 

Social Skills Summer Institute (SSSI)
ages 14+

SSSI is now merging with our former Summer Youth Program, which will now encompass all youth and young adults ages 14+ with high functioning autism and Aspergers. Our program will be focussed on social skills such as friend retention, social media, restaurant etiquette, life skills like cooking classes, budgeting; and professional skills like volunteer work and other necessary skills to obtain a job or volunteer experience.  All of this learning will be coupled with great mentors who help our participants ask questions while experiencing a lot of fun outings, actual social experience at restaurants and connecting with friends. Participants must be able to be supported with a 1 mentor to 2 participant ratio and be semi-independent in public (transit, restaurants and volunteer locations). 

Program Overview: 

The goal of the SSSI program is to learn and improve, social and life skills.  With the help of our social coaches, participants will improve their social skills and enhance their opportunities. The week-long program consists of a fitness component, cooking classes, and social outings such as restaurant lunches, bowling, movies, swimming, and visits to the public library! Another key component of the program is volunteer work placements, where participants volunteer in organizations within the community.  The last piece of the week is built-in throughout the week and takes place at the school and consists of drama activities, hands-on practice of social skills, games, and more! Through all of these activities, participants will receive catered and individualized support intended to help improve their social and life skills while achieving their personal goals. 

In order to have success in this program participants must: 

  • Have the desire to be social with peers 
  • Have the desire to engage on a societal level 
  • Prior to the program be able to demonstrate the skills needed to have a verbal conversation 
  • Be able to be semi-independent (in a 1:2 staff to participant ratio) 
  • Interested in gaining and improving their social and life skills 

    There will be a MANDATORY 15-minute meeting after registration to ensure that the SSSI program is a good fit. If SSSI is deemed not a suitable program, we will alter your registration and transfer you to the AOK/AOA program


  • Our camp operates as a Co-operative Program. Volunteers are vital to our success. Various volunteer opportunities are always available throughout the year. Please email our Program & Volunteer Coordinators at centraleast@autismontario.com to find out more.