Thunder Bay and District Chapter Leadership Council (CLC)

The chapter is governed by the Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) who oversee operations, including monthly meetings, managing finances, establishing committees, & reporting to Autism Ontario.

Thunderbay and District Chapter Leadership Council Members 2019-2020:

President & co-Adult coordinator: Michelle Lavoie-Pintar
Treasurer & co-Adult coordinator: Ingrid Warren
Co-Secretary: Rachel Pankewich
Co-Secretary: Eileen McGonigal
Fundraising coordinator: Dana Larrett
Event coordinator: Debby Dick
Member at Large: Krista Smith
Member at Large: Geoff MacGillivray

SEAC Rep: Cory Koski
SEAC Rep: Lance Goldberg
SEAC Rep: Sandra van rassel


Mailing Address\Adresse:
1179 King St. W., Suite 004 | Toronto, ON |M6K 3C5