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Webinar - Ask the Therapist - Don't Let Corona Infect My Relationship with Mark Laing

In this webinar, we will look at how the stress of COVID-19 can spill into a relationship only to increase conflict and stress. What can you do to keep your relationship intact and healthy during an unprecedented time in history? The role of introvert and extrovert in building conflict. Learn to distinguish between facts and problems in maintaining healthy relationships. Learn the basic steps in having healthy conversations.

Presenter: Mark Laing, B.A. Registered Psychotherapist

Webinar - ONTABA Professional Series - Employment & Human Resources Issues During COVID with Kendra Thomson & Nancy Marchese

The global pandemic has impacted every corner of society including how specialized behavioral services and supervision are delivered. Practitioners have had to pivot to delivering services remotely which has required innovation and patience of all involved. This webinar is geared towards practitioners providing behavior analytic services to clients and behavior analytic supervision to trainees. Guidelines for compassionate care during these unprecedented times will be discussed in addition to ideas for continuing to provide high quality supervision to trainees. Learning objectives:

Webinar - Positive Advocacy Strategies for School - The IPRC Process with Ed Mahony

In this webinar, you will learn important skills that a parent advocate needs to develop in order to be successful, as well as how to make the IPRC process work for you. Support material and references will be made available. Mr. Mahony will answer questions about the webinar material however ongoing individualized support is available on a fee for service basis.


Presenter: Ed Mahony

Webinar - ONTABA Professional Series - Employment & Human Resources Issues During COVID-19 with Natasha Danson

ONTABA Professional Webinar Series: COVID-19 has changed the workplace in significant ways. This session will review some of the legislative changes that affect the workplace, as well as some common issues that have arisen in the employment context during the pandemic such as: • health and safety • reduction in pay • accommodation • employee engagement The webinar will provide viewers with practical information about the unexpected and new challenges now faced by behavioural employers and employees alike (including families that employ behavioural support).

Webinar - How to Build Social Skills in Children with ASD with Kathleen Quill

Join Dr. Kathleen Quill, author of the best-seller DO-WATCH-LISTEN-SAY: Social and Communication Intervention for Children with Autism, as she discusses how to build social skills in children with ASD in various environments. Children and adolescents with ASD often learn social and communication skills in one setting and have difficulty using these skills in other settings. Parents often express frustration that there is a mismatch between what their children can do in school and what they can do at home.

Webinar - ONTABA Caregiver Series - Creating Structure and Stability in the Home with Dawn Marciello & Joan Broto

We understand during this time many things have changed, including our daily routines. We also know that all individuals benefit from stability. In this 30-minute webinar, we aim to provide some practical strategies for caregivers of children and youth with autism to use at home. We will discuss some ways to build routines, teach independent play, and follow independent activity schedules. As every household is different, the goal is for caregivers to select the best strategy to use with their children and youth.

Webinar - ONTABA Professional Series - Legal and Professional Issues to Consider when Providing and Receiving Telehealth Services with Richard Steinecke

ONTABA professional webinar series: Providing services remotely during the pandemic is growing exponentially in popularity. However, it also raises special legal and professional issues that practitioners, and recipients of behavioural services and their families/caregivers should consider. Both new and experienced participants in remote behavioural service sessions will benefit from this systemic yet practical presentation of recurring issues. This session covers such important topics as:

Webinar - ONTABA Caregiver Series - Fostering Safe Social Connections During COVID-19 with Carly Eby & Michau van Speyk

The goal of this webinar is to provide information to autistic people and/or their caregivers to foster safe and meaningful social connections online and within pandemic related restrictions. Learn tips for teaching how to stay safe/be safe online and how technology can open doors for social connection.

Additional sessions in this series:

Webinar - Employment Readiness 2/5 - Values & Interests for Career Matching with Sarah Southey

Confidently acknowledging what one is good at is the first step in deciding what kind of work/education may be a good match. In this one hour workshop, individuals will be challenged to think about the talents and abilities they may bring to a future job. Sarah will guide participants in exercises and suggest resources that will help in identifying interests and skills for a potential job.

Other sessions in this series:

Webinar - ONTABA Caregiver Series - Self Care Skills During COVID-19 with Janice Theodoropoulos

It has been difficult for us all to adjust to the many changes in our daily lives and to acquire the skills needed to keep healthy in a today’s world. Join Janice Theodoropoulos M.Ed, BCBA as she provides some suggestions for how we can help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to do what is necessary to keep themselves and their families as safe as possible.

Webinar - ONTABA Caregiver Series - Ways to Play: Ideas to create activities for kids with Harley Lang

Ask any adult and they likely agree with this simple truth: children have an unparalleled ability to play with anything. Perhaps the best part of being an adult is that we have the privilege to rekindle our creativity through our pretend play adventures with our children. But sometimes, our kids look to us for ideas. Sometimes a child’s well of creativity runs dry, and there is a need to find original activities to pass the time. Perhaps the hardest part of being an adult is when two siblings run out of things to do!

Webinar - Enhancing Physical Activity Participation with Patrick Jachyra & Bri Redquest

In this webinar, we will review the health, social and behavioural benefits of physical activity for people with autism, and also highlight the importance of activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the webinar, we will provide tips and tangible ideas for individuals on the spectrum as well as parents, caregivers, and community partners on how to enhance physical activity participation.

Webinar - Medication Use for ASD with Amanda Sawyer

This webinar will help parents, caregivers and people on the spectrum to better understand the prevalence of psychiatric medication use in individuals with autism spectrum disorder. It will also help caregivers of individuals on the autism spectrum to develop an approach for deciding when psychiatric medications are appropriate and aid them in evaluating the positive and negative effects of psychotropic medications.


Webinar - ABA in Educational Settings with Tracie Lindbland

The purpose of this webinar is to define applied behaviour analysis (ABA) and clarify how it fits into the Ontario education system through the implementation of Policy and Program Memorandum 140 (PPM- 140). Applied Behaviour Analysis has been shown to be an effective, evidence-based treatment for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Systematic and guided application of these principles within the educational
setting can improve the behaviour, communication, learning, and social challenges experienced by children with ASD.


Webinar - Addressing Bullying In Youth with ASD with Jonathan Weiss

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders often experience bullying at school, and it is important that parents and professionals work together to address this problem.

This webinar reviews ways of supporting youth who are experiencing bullying to increase their coping skills and to help stop the problem from happening in the future. Effective interventions require knowledge and a team approach, and the current workshop discusses what children can do, and what adults can do, to make everyone feel more safe.



Webinar - Everyday ABA with Leslie Cohen and Antionette Falco

The cliché, “It takes a village” was never more apt than in the treatment of ASD. Caregivers, extended family, teachers, multi-disciplinary professionals, and community partners provide an essential network of care and support. As part of this network, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has long held a key role in the treatment of people with ASD. A central component of this role is the removal of barriers that prevent people with ASD from effectively accessing social, educational, clinical, and community resources.

Webinar - Why & Where Culture Matters For Families with ASD with Mohammad Zubairi

This webinar, with Dr. Mohammad Zubairi, will promote a discussion and reflection on how front-line professionals may engage with elements of culture in their day to day practice, and how we can best learn from and collaborate with diverse children and youth with autism and their families.

Presenter - Dr. Mohammad Zubairi

Webinar - Building Friendships Through Playdates with Leslie Cohen and Antoinette Falco

This one-hour webinar, facilitated by Leslie Cohen and Antoinette Falco, will focus on positive steps you can take to help your child enjoy successful play interactions with peers. Learn a variety of techniques for managing and structuring playdates and getting your child ready to have fun with other kids.

Webinar - Employment Readiness 1/5 - Resiliency in Job Searching with Sarah Southey

Join Sarah Southey MSW, RSW for a webinar aimed at understanding job searching during a recession. She will explore how to help you stay focused, efficient and not get overwhelmed during this challenging time. Discussion on how to maintain routine and keep working towards your goals will be explored. Self-care strategies and tips for building experience while our world is in a state of crisis will be covered. 

Other sessions in this series:

Webinar - Promoting Mental Health in Autistic People: The Importance of Context and Support with Jonathan Weiss

This webinar will review the state of the evidence and best practice in understanding mental health problems experienced by adolescents and adults on the spectrum. We will discuss how we can use conceptualizations of thriving to move beyond solely deficit models, for understanding and planning supports.

Presenter: Jonathan Weiss, Ph.D.