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Developmental psychotherapy. Support for individuals and families in developmental interventions. Early intervention with varied intensity levels depending on family needs (from casual consultation and family training to support developing full day programs). Self-regulation based psychotherapy for older children, youth, and adults. Certified DIRFloortime Practitioner, certified Shanker Self-Reg Facilitator.
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SLP services for clients of all ages/disorders
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ABA services for children
1:1 counselling for adolescents & young adults with ASD and families
Diagnostic Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Diagnostic and comprehensive psychological assessment for individuals ages 2 - 65. Parent & school psychoeducation and consultation regarding specific issues impeding progress or well being (e.g., bullying, attendance, resources), or transition to next developmental phase (e.g., adolescence to young adulthood). Individual treatment for challenges associated with ASD directly, or co-existing mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, AD/HD). Evidence-based treatments are adapted to the unique perspective and learning style of the client with ASD.
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Diagnosis and assessment; consultation; parenting skills, mood and anxiety issues; concerns related to autism across the developmental span; therapy for individuals and families who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Providing ABA Services both in intensive programming, ongoing or limited distance consultations. Providing wellness services including counseling, music therapy, art therapy and play therapy. Services delivered via face to face as well as teletherapy where and when appropriate. All therapists are certified Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and are supervised by our BCBAs
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Psychological Services
ABA- individual and group sessions
Social group
Activities of Daily Living
Parent Training
Behaviour Management
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Individual, Couple, Family and Parent counseling to enhance the mental health and well-being of autistic individuals and their loved ones. In person, secure online video, phone and email therapy available. Our team offers strengths-based person-centred counseling.
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Occupational therapy services for children and youth as well as some adults struggling with sensory, motor and emotional challenges. We are a private therapy clinic in Kingston operating since 1996. We work individually with clients and also run a summer program. Assessment, treatment and consultation dependent upon the client and family needs.
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Speech Sprouts provides quality and convenient in-home speech and language services.
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Occupational therapy and Psychotherapy, DIR Floortime, to serve preschool children through adults. Individual and family sessions available.
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ASD Assessments, psychoeducational assessments, individual counselling for high functioning ASD with adolescents & adults
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Speech-Language Pathology Services
Assessment, consultation, individual and group therapy, parent/caregiver & teacher education opportunities. Services for Autism include Relationship Development Intervention®️, a program to help parents understand and guide their child’s development of critical engagement and flexible thinking skills (reciprocal engagement, non-verbal communication, emotional And attentional regulation, perspective taking, problem solving).
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• In home consultation for new diagnoses: what to expect, how to get organized, contacts, support plan and more

•In home family coaching

•Daily schedules, tools. routines etc
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Kindrey Rowland, Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinic Director, established her clinic in 1996 in the heart of Orangeville. We are excited to celebrate our 24th anniversary!
Kindrey and her team offer Speech-Language Pathology services to both children and adults with autism. We believe that every individual and family is unique. We understand the value of working collaboratively with the important people and supports in your life.
Our Speech-Language Pathologists: Kindrey Rowland, Jennifer Wilson, Caitlin Cormier or Rachel Pond, will collaborate with you to carefully develop an evidence-based program centred on your unique goals. Having an experienced group of Speech Therapists helps ensure the right therapist match based on expertise, certifications and approach for your family.
Our advanced training includes PROMPT, Kaufman Speech Praxis, PECS, DIR®/Floortime, Social Thinking, Hanen More Than Words, technology (iPad /Alternative & Augmentative Communication), Authorizer with ADP.
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We offer a wide range of professional health and learning services for children with differences and their families. We provide screenings, assessments, and interventions for children and youth as well as solutions for schools to support their student’s development.
Our inter-professional therapy team provides services that address speech-language, behaviour, psychological-emotional, learning and motor skills. Our team of childhood and youth experts are dedicated to helping children with differences reach their potential.
We take a family-centered and inter-professional approach to health and learning; meaning your child’s treatment team works together to find solutions that best support your goals.
Services we offer: Psychology, Neuropsychology, Psychoeducation, Speech language pathology, Educational Consulting, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Guidance counselling, Behaviour therapy.
*Services offered online and in person across 3 clinics (Toronto, Aurora and Mississauga).
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More Than Words Hanen parent program, individual assessment and therapy
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In home speech and language assessment services. Online telepractice sessions offered. Hanen More Than Words and Talkability certified.
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In-home (and virtual) Speech, Language, and Behavioural Therapy in the GTA.
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Offer assessments and treatment services for a wide variety of communication disorders.
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Speech and Language assessment and intervention.
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Specialized Private School and Therapeutic Service Provider located in North York and Vaughan.
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Social Skills Group Program for Youth with ASD.
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Specialized Occupational Therapy private practice servicing the Ottawa/Outaouais and Montreal regions.
Our occupational therapists have expertise working with children, teens and adults and aim to help them gain skills to participate and engage in their daily activities.
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Kadence Music Therapy provides professional music therapy services to people across the Cities of Greater Sudbury and North Bay. Music therapy is a profession where a certified music therapist uses music purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support personal development, well-being and/or improve health. Individuals participate in music therapy through music making, singing, songwriting, movement, and other forms of self-expression to develop skills that include but not limited to social skills, verbal skills and sensory-motor skills.
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We help kids and adults with Autism get pain relief from their dental aches. At Pine Street dental we strive to improve your smile, your oral health, and your confidence though dentistry under oral sedation, nitrous sedation(laughing gas), and IV sedation to provide manageable dental care. Our team provide complete dental care from dental hygiene, to fillings, to extractions, dentures, and dental implants. We accept healthy smile and ODSP coverage.
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Speech and language treatment and assessment services. We also provide literacy intervention.
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Anna Victoria Wong, Doctor in Speech-Language Pathology, SLP, and her team of Speech-Language Pathologist, Communicative Disorders Assistants, and Case Manager serve clients in English, Cantonese & Mandarin.

pre-schoolers 幼兒
school-aged children 學童
children & youth of special needs 特殊需要家庭
adults 成人
seniors 耆老
caregivers 關顧者

accent reduction 外語口音
articulation issues 發音問題
language delay 語言發展遲緩
read-write learning disability 讀寫障礙
Autism Spectrum Disorder 自閉症
post-op, post-ABI & post-stroke speech & swallowing rehab
手術、頭部重創、 及中風後的吞嚥及語言復康
stuttering 口吃
voice quality 聲帶問題
caregiver education 關顧者教育
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We're a team of fitness professionals, behaviour therapists, & board certified behaviour analysts. We provide adaptive 1:1 and small group fitness training and programs to individuals with exceptionalities. Our team also creates and provides remote consultations, programming and virtual training.
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