Housing is a human right. Residing in dwellings that are secure, affordable and accessible within a short distance to community connections and loved ones, amenities, healthcare access, transit and job opportunities is fundamentally what we all need to survive and thrive. Autistic Ontarians and their families should expect nothing less than this, and yet are currently facing an affordable, accessible and humane housing crisis. For some adults on the spectrum, home can be a place of independence, provided there is the flexibility to access the right supports to address the complexities of life on the spectrum. For others, home can mean living with a parent or caregiver well into adulthood and for some, home is the place you have to go to live in order to receive the support you need. 

Here are some resources housed on our website about housing options for autistic adults. 

Housing Through an Autism Lens

This document captures the patterns and insights of housing through an autism lens. It describes why we gathered participants and partners from the autistic housing system in this Solutions Lab and what we did to explore the legislative, programmatic, and lived experience of autistic adults in housing.

We hope that you can use this document to inform your work in bettering housing for autistic adults and/or adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We intend to present the challenge of securing safe, suitable, and supportive housing for autistic adults and spark your curiosity into how we can develop solutions. We would also like to extend a sincere thank you to all the partners, participants and, in particular, the autistic advisors as well as the many people who contributed their stories. Without them, this project would not be possible.

Celebrating Another Housing Option for Adults with Disabilities
Celebrating Another Housing Option for Adults with Disabilities

Years ago, when our family’s now 18-year-old son, Robert, was dualy diagnosed with PDD-NOS and Bipolar Disorder, we came across a website with housing options that looked interesting, but immediately discarded as impossible for us! For one thing, we were concerned that our sonwho was then struggling in residential care at London’s Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) would never be able to again live within...

Ending the Wait: An Action Agenda to Address the Housing Crisis Confronting Ontario Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Ending the Wait: An Action Agenda to Address the Housing Crisis Confronting Ontario Adults with Developmental Disabilities

An Action Agenda to Address the Housing Crisis Confronting Ontario Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Initial Report of the Housing Study Group (Developmental Services Sector – Ministry of Community and Social Services Partnership Table)

Webinar - The Housing Project: Advocacy 101 with Linda Jeffery

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