Webinar - ONTABA Caregiver Series - Fostering Safe Social Connections During COVID-19 with Carly Eby & Michau van Speyk

The goal of this webinar is to provide information to autistic people and/or their caregivers to foster safe and meaningful social connections online and within pandemic related restrictions. Learn tips for teaching how to stay safe/be safe online and how technology can open doors for social connection.

Additional sessions in this series:

  1. Creating Structure and Stability in the Home with Dawn Marciello & Joan Broto
  2. Self Care Skills During COVID-19 with Janice Theodoropoulos
  3. Ways to Play: Ideas to create activities for kids with Harley Lang


Carly Eby

Carly Eby is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral.  Carly earned her B.Ed. from McGill University, MSc. in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Northeastern University, and Ph.D. in ABA from Columbia University. In 2019, Carly founded The Autism Centre of Toronto (TACT), a non-profit organization that provides early intensive ABA services. Carly has taught graduate courses at Simmons University and Elms College, and has published her research in Behavioral Interventions, Behavioral Development Bulletin, and the Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis (ONTABA) and is Chair of the Professional Practice & Affairs Committee. Carly lives in Toronto with her husband and three children.


My name is Michau van Speyk I’m 25 years old and I live in Toronto, Canada. I have Autism. Since 2016 I have been on the board of directors for the Ontario Autism Coalition (OAC).