Webinar - ONTABA Caregiver Series - Self Care Skills During COVID-19 with Janice Theodoropoulos

It has been difficult for us all to adjust to the many changes in our daily lives and to acquire the skills needed to keep healthy in a today’s world. Join Janice Theodoropoulos M.Ed, BCBA as she provides some suggestions for how we can help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to do what is necessary to keep themselves and their families as safe as possible. Consistent and proper hand washing, touching as few things as possible on necessary trips, coughing and sneezing into our elbows, and keeping the new level of appropriate space have never been more vital to our health and the health of our loved ones. She will provide helpful ways to set up the environment with visuals and other strategies to encourage engagement in these essential safety and self-care skills. 

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Speaker: Janice Theodoropoulo, BCBA

Janice Theodoropoulos

Janice Theodoropoulos is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Clinical Supervisor at Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services. She has worked servicing families and persons diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for the better part of a decade with a focus on early intervention, caregiver coaching, and community education. She has a passion for working with children, youth, and their families to increase skills and independence. Her clinical focus is using evidence based practices and the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis to provide effective skill acquisition and behaviour reduction programming to clients diagnosed with ASD through direct work with staff as well caregivers and community partners.