Webinar - ONTABA Caregiver Series - Ways to Play: Ideas to create activities for kids with Harley Lang

Ask any adult and they likely agree with this simple truth: children have an unparalleled ability to play with anything. Perhaps the best part of being an adult is that we have the privilege to rekindle our creativity through our pretend play adventures with our children. But sometimes, our kids look to us for ideas. Sometimes a child’s well of creativity runs dry, and there is a need to find original activities to pass the time. Perhaps the hardest part of being an adult is when two siblings run out of things to do! In this presentation, attendees will learn about the intersections of play, games, and behavioural treatment for children who live with Autism. Attendees will leave this presentation with knowledge about the importance of play in education, and some simple ideas to create play activities and games that encourage engagement and interactions in children.

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Speaker: Harley Lang BCBA

Harley Lang

Harley Lang is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who lives and practices ABA in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a part-time associate with Semiahmoo Behaviour Analysts Inc., where he designs behaviour interventions and consults with schools. Harley is the lead developer of Teaching Games, a community project that disseminates information about behaviour analysis and game-based learning. This past April, Teaching Games published The Playbook, a free resource for parents and educators that describes how to implement game-based learning.