The Individual Education Plan (IEP)

What is an IEP?
The IEP is an active, working document designed to help a student to be successful. It includes the following information:

  • The student’s strengths, interests and needs;
  • Special education programs and/or services a student requires;
  • Annual Goals: what a student is expected to learn in a school year;
  • Learning Expectations: what a student will learn in a term;
  • Accommodations: supports and services a student requires in order to learn at his or her age-appropriate grade level;
  • Modifications: changes made to the age-appropriate expectations in order to meet a student’s learning needs. These can include specific changes to the age-appropriate expectations and expectations that are taken from a different grade level within the Ontario curriculum;
  • Alternate Expectations: what a student will be learning that is not part of the Ontario curriculum;
  • Teaching Strategies: what will be used to teach;
  • Assessment Methods: how the student’s progress will be evaluated.