What to Expect: Occupational Therapists

What is the role of an Occupational Therapist (OT)?

  • An occupational therapist is trained on assessing and treating the impact of a developmental delay, injury, illness or disability on the function of a person. An OT views the person as a whole and considers the physical, cognitive, spiritual and social aspects of a person.
  • The environment and demands of the environment are considered
  • The impact of the environment on the function of a person is considered
  • The impact of the injury/delay or disability on a child’s self care (such as eating, dressing, hygiene), school skills and play skills are considered How does an OT help children with ASD?
  • Assess a child’s level in gross motor/fine motor/ visual motor/ activities of daily living
  • Assess sensory processing skills
  • Make recommendations for specific items that can make function easier (laptop, pencil grips, rubber matting, weighted vests, etc.)
  • Make suggestions to modify a child’s environment for success
  • Provide therapy to help remediate a child’s delays
  • Provide education to parents/caregivers and teachers to support a child’s development
  • Make referrals to other professionals that can also support a child’s development