Take Some Time for You This Month with a Good Book 

Person relaxing with a cup of coffee and a book
Autism Ontario

February is here! This month our email inboxes will be flooded with messages of love, caring and chocolate. And usually they’re about doing something or buying something for someone else. But this month, how about a Valentine’s Day gift for YOU?

Let’s face it – the pandemic has been challenging for all of us on so many levels. We’ve missed seeing people who make us laugh and doing things that make us happy. We’ve had to postpone vacations and take on extra caregiving responsibilities and more.

So this month, we invite you to set aside some quality time – a date with yourself. Why not spend a few moments in the soft stillness of the early morning or during an evening pause and reset … with a good book?

Here are some of our recommended favourites.

Written from autistic adults’ perspectives

Written from parents’ and advocates’ perspectives

Published by Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)

One last one … for the kids!