Show Your Love for Autistic Ontarians!

Four young adults, two men, two women, casually sitting on the grass and smiling
Sarah Morison, Fund Development & Community Engagement Director

During the pandemic, many are suffering great hardships – particularly people living in poverty and those who rely on flexible, accessible, and accommodating community support, including autistic adults.

The individuals and families we serve in our Adult Support Programs are experiencing significant upheaval throughout the pandemic. Many people have told us they have become deeply isolated and lost time with friends. They have also lost access to opportunities that support greater community inclusion, access to and accommodation within education and employment environments, as well as lost jobs, structure, and the understanding that comes with shared community.

Autistic adults and their families are facing significant mental health challenges and are impacted by loss of inclusive opportunities and dwindling or absent in-person supports in ways that are heartbreaking for the people who know and love them. Many of you have experienced this personally. Please know that we are thinking of you and your family.

You can help autistic adults and their families get back on track with Autism Ontario.

Show some love this Valentine's Day and instead of indulging in chocolates or gifts, make a meaningful and lasting investment in someone's mental health and well-being with a donation to our Adult Support Programs.

The pandemic has pushed us all to our limits, but we have also seen glimpses of a more caring and empathetic society that understands how deeply we depend on each other. 

Show your love for the autistic community and donate today

How can you help even more?


  • Whether you want to lend a hand with administrative work, help with event planning, or sit on a committee, we encourage you to become a volunteer. Contact your Regional Office for more information.

Employer Matches

  • Many employers will match their staff’s charitable contributions. To take advantage of a match, contact your HR department for details, and let them know that Autism Ontario is your charity of choice!

Legacy Giving

  • Considering a gift to Autism Ontario in your will? Learn more in our next issue of Autism Matters or contact our new Fund Development and Community Engagement Director, Sarah Morison to discuss your wishes.