Remembering Lisa Sharpe: A Loving Mother, Devoted Caregiver, and Dear Friend to the Autism Community

Autism Ontario
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Remembering Lisa Sharpe: A Loving Mother, Devoted Caregiver, and Dear Friend to the Autism Community

[Toronto, Ontario]

It is with a heavy heart that Autism Ontario extends its sympathies upon hearing of the tragic death of Lisa Sharpe, a beloved member of the autism community and a dedicated mother and caregiver.

Lisa was a shining example of unwavering strength, compassion, and advocacy for mental health and well-being. Her contributions to the lives of the children and families she touched through her 25 years of caregiving are immeasurable and her loss is deeply felt.

Lisa was a proud mother of two sons, one of whom, Trey, was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and struggled with mental health challenges throughout his life. Despite the difficulties the Sharpe family faced, Lisa never lost hope and worked tirelessly to get her family the help they needed.

Unfortunately, the systems that were meant to support the Sharpe family were unable to provide the help they required, and Lisa’s passing serves as a tragic reminder of the urgent need for integrated health, housing, neurodevelopmental, community, and social services support across the province.

An advocate for mental wellness, Lisa carried the weight of the world on her shoulders and remained strong despite her family’s hardships. Her passing is a loss not only to her family, but also to Autism Ontario, the entire community, and beyond.

In memory of Lisa, we remind everyone of the dire need for increased autism advocacy and acceptance. With connections and opportunities within their communities, proper support, and accommodation, the challenges and barriers faced by autistic individuals and their families can be reduced. We must come together as a community to promote autism acceptance and advocate for the necessary resources and support for autistic individuals and their families.

Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to Lisa’s family and friends during this difficult, painful time.


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