I Belong

Dominic et vélo
Dominic Daguerre, Self-Advocate

People belong to various groups.  We are linked to certain groups because of interests and similarities. 

Firstly, I belong to my family.  It is my most important group of all.  It is based on love.  As a family, we share special memories as we are always doing activities together.  It is my favourite group because they help me to be someone. My family takes such good care of me and wants me to succeed at school and have a good life. 

Also, I belong to a school group.  In this group, we find teachers and friends that accept me and help me become better.  My new school is great because no one treats me bad here and I have been a straight-A student this year. I feel like I fit in a lot here.  

Furthermore, the Extend-A-Family group makes me feel like I fit in because I get to hang out with kids who have special needs like me. Nobody judges me here since everyone is always happy to be together. At Extend-A-Family, everyone is special!   

There’s also the Great Cycle Canada group.  We cycle and collect donations for children with cancer. This group makes me feel like I am important. It makes me feel special. It’s a group where I can make a difference. 

Finally, there is Autism Ontario.  Here, I belong because I have autism.  It is also a group that makes me feel successful.  I often get to raise the flag for World Autism Awareness Day.  I’ve been interviewed by the media. Did you know I was once the cover model for their magazine?  Also, I published articles and poems in their magazines. Last spring, Autism Ontario even chose me to narrate a COVID-19 video for POND. What an amazing feeling! 

Being part of a group makes people feel happy inside.  There is no better feeling than belonging to a group.