Celebrate Your Family and Connect Together

Family of four people, two daughters, a mother and a father reading a book together on the couch
Autism Ontario

It’s Family Day in Ontario! Did you know that Autism Ontario offers a variety of online events, support groups, and webinars for the whole family? 

Whether you’re interested in learning something new, connecting with others, or just looking to have fun together, we’ve got so many opportunities for families to come together and connect in autism-friendly environments within their community.

Virtual and Home-Based Events & Social Learning Opportunities
We have something for every family! Designed for children and youth on the autism spectrum, and their families and caregivers, Social Learning Opportunities provide easy access to a supportive environment in local communities. We partner with local businesses and organizations to provide inclusive and sensory-friendly events and take-home kits. From birdhouse making to movie mornings, your family is sure to find something of interest! Find activities near you.

Autism Ontario webinars are interactive, easy-to-understand resources for parents, professionals, educators, and people on the autism spectrum. Webinars are presented in either English or French, by subject matter experts, in a discussion-based format. We have plenty of past webinars available online and more webinars on the way. Check out our webinars.

Online Support Groups
Looking for a way to connect with other families? Join Autism Ontario Service Navigators and other family members in an online support group. From our Black Caregiver Check in and Chat and South Asian Check-in & Chat to the New Diagnosis Support Group and Rad Dads Group, you’ll find an opportunity to come together, learn, and share experiences. Register today.

CARES Caregiver Support Program
The SAAAC (South Asian Autism Awareness Centre) CARES Caregiver Support Program is an innovative, group-based intervention targeting the social, emotional, and psychological challenges that can arise among caregivers of children on the autism spectrum. CARES provides a safe space for caregivers to share their experiences and develop a sense of shared identity. 

CARES is offered primarily as a virtual program and is available to parents and caregivers across Ontario throughout the year. If you are interested in joining an upcoming session, please complete this interest form and Autism Ontario will send you program information when it becomes available. 

Service Navigation - Connect with Our Team
Autism Ontario’s Service Navigators and Regional staff provide information about the Ontario Autism Program and help connect families to service providers, programs, and resources available in their local communities. 

Not sure where to begin? Connect with the Service Navigator in your area, register for Service Navigation today or contact your local Autism Ontario Region.