Autism Ontario and Apex Academy Online Help Autistic Job Seekers and Employers with Autism Career Connections

Autism Ontario
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Toronto, Ontario – November 3, 2021

For people on the autism spectrum, job hunting and securing employment can be incredibly difficult. Facing barriers related to inherent hiring biases and a lack of understanding of how autistic talent can contribute greatly to the workforce, autistic job seekers face an uphill battle. Autism Ontario and its community partners have been looking at ways to change this, by giving autistic youth and adults who are looking for work the tools they need to succeed in the job market. 

Responding to this need Autism Ontario and Apex Academy Online have joined forces to launch Autism Career Connections, which offers free, online and on-demand programming for autistic youth and adults at the beginning of their employment journey, as well as employers interested in learning more about hiring autistic talent. It is the result of consultation and work alongside autistic self-advocates and professionals with years of experience supporting youth and adults seeking and maintaining employment. 

“Autism Career Connections modules were created keeping in mind the challenges, confusion, and burning questions that autistic adults may have when it comes to employment,” said Stacey Feldt, Autism Ontario Youth and Adult Transition Support Specialist and autistic self-advocate. “Great care was taken to make this offering unique and appealing. We chose to eliminate time restraints and prerequisites for participation in these modules with the hope this would better meet the needs of many youth and adults on the spectrum.”  

“Apex Academy Online is an academic partner and proud supporter of Autism Ontario. We are thrilled to be able to support Autism Ontario’s mission and values in the communities they serve,” said Anukul Sharma, Co-Founder, Apex Academy Online. “Our collaboration on the Autism Career Connections platform has been a great achievement for both of our organizations. Education and training will play a big role in building inclusive workplaces where everyone thrives. This new platform will help educate and empower both career seekers and employers.”  

Autism Career Connections is a free online program that participants can take at their own pace. Lessons can be started, stopped, and re-started at any time, so that users can continue where they left off or revisit lessons as often as they like. With unlimited access to Autism Career Connections, users may review course content with a friend or other trusted person for additional support. 

Autism Career Connections for Employers and Human Resources Professionals was created for users seeking to expand their knowledge of autism and how to support inclusive and accessible employment environments. This convenient online resource is free, self-guided, and is available to be revisited at any time so that knowledge can be refreshed and shared with colleagues. 

Apex Academy Online is a fully online, asynchronous, private high school where students can study at their own pace while receiving personalized feedback. Apex is proud to be a thought leader in Ontario's online high school education. 

Autism Ontario is a charitable organization with a history of over 48 years representing the thousands of people on the autism spectrum and their families across Ontario. Made up of knowledgeable parents, professionals, and autistic self-advocates, Autism Ontario is the province’s leading source of information and referral on autism.

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