Darlene Bokma

Répertoire des services
Description des services offerts: I am private Resource Consultant providing coaching, advocacy, and support to families and individuals of all ages and abilities. Currently, during COVID, all meetings are done virtually. I work with parents in implementing the goals and strategies developed by therapists within the home. I also provide materials that compliment what the child is learning in school. I coach parents and siblings on ways to engage in activities within the home in a natural way.
For teens and adults the emphasis is on life coaching. This may include working on goals, navigating life-skills activities, and working through new scenarios. I complete research of resources and other agencies that can assist the family or individual. I also provide support in preparing for meetings with schools, therapists, and/or specialist and will attend if requested. Follow-up sessions are arranged weekly or as needed.
Groupes d'âge desservis: Préscolaire, Élémentaire, Secondaire, Adulte
Langue(s): Anglais
Lieu de travail principal

22 Nipigon Place
Kitchener, ON
N2B 3N5