Creative Therapy Health Services

Répertoire des services
Services réglementés fournis: Ergothérapeute
Description des services offerts: Occupational Therapy services for a wide range of pediatric issues including autism, developmental delay, Down syndrome and acquired brain injury. Group therapies for social development, fine motor skills and gross motor skills development. Services also available for motor vehicle accidents (MVA) and other unique situations.
Kendra Leighton (Ergothérapeute)
Sheri Martin Soosaar (Ergothérapeute)
Patricia Nguyen (Ergothérapeute)
Groupes d'âge desservis: Préscolaire, Élémentaire, Secondaire, Adulte
Langue(s): Anglais
Lieu de travail principal

136 Moore Ave. S
Waterloo, ON
N2J 1X5