Dolce Music Therapy

Répertoire des services
Description des services offerts: Dolce Music Therapy offers music therapy services virtually and in-person, to individuals in the Guelph and surrounding areas. Music therapy is a discipline in which a credentialed professional (MTA) uses music intentionally to support the development, health, and well-being of the client. The practice offers many evidenced-based benefits including connection with self and others, specific learning goals, and the development of various social skills.
Groupes d'âge desservis: Préscolaire, Élémentaire, Secondaire, Adulte
Langue(s): Anglais
Lieu de travail principal

Marlborough Rd.
Guelph, ON
N1E 3X2
Lieu de travail complémentaire 1

Cannon Cr.
Ottawa, ON
K2C 0Z3