Music At Heart

Répertoire des services
Description des services offerts: Music at Heart offers services for Children (birth-18 years) within the Niagara Region and is a doubly vaccinated facility! All services are conducted by a Certified Music Therapist with over 27 years experience. Music at Heart provides individual, group & camp program experiences based on child’s abilities, interests and needs. Professional services, either in-person or a confidential online appointment can be arranged to provide Music Therapy; Adapted Music Lessons; and/or Baby, Toddler & Preschool Time Music Groups. All services are for children either with varied diagnosis or who are neurotypically developed and have an interest in music. Join us today and play, sing and learn through music!!!
Groupes d'âge desservis: Préscolaire, Élémentaire, Secondaire
Langue(s): Anglais, Russe
Lieu de travail principal

Near The Pen Centre Mall
St. Catharines, ON
L2T 2Y3