ACT Learning Centre

Répertoire des services
Services réglementés fournis: Orthophoniste
Titre(s) de compétence détenu(s): BCBA (inscrit), BCaBA (inscrit), RBT (inscrit)
Description des services offerts: ACT Learning Centre is a therapy centre founded to provide evidence based, innovative and leading edge assessment and intervention for children, youth, and adults with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities or developmental delays. We provide applied behaviour analysis (ABA), speech language pathology, occupational therapy, Early Start Denver Model, and the Play Project. Evidence based therapies are offered by ACT’s highly trained staff in our clinic or in your home. ***Please Note: This provider has listed Physiotherapy Services on their website, which has not been verified by Autism Ontario. Please ensure to verify any regulated service providers prior to contracting services.
Jocelyne Boileau-Petersen 343-887-2287
Ana Anghelus (BCBA (inscrit))
Amanda Black (BCaBA (inscrit))
Taylor Chapman (RBT (inscrit))
David Cubides (BCBA (inscrit))
Mikaela Graf (RBT (inscrit))
Jessica Gwilliam (Orthophoniste)
Julie Haase (RBT (inscrit))
Emily Harris (BCBA (inscrit))
Cindy Harrison (Orthophoniste)
Olivia Hastings (RBT (inscrit))
Melissa Hughes
Kristy Hunt (BCBA (inscrit))
Chenia Lobo (RBT (inscrit))
Rebecca Nishimura (Orthophoniste)
Taylor Orchard (RBT (inscrit))
Mackenzie Quain (BCBA (inscrit))
Fardous Sahouli (Orthophoniste)
Victoria Samson (Orthophoniste)
Sarah Toupin (RBT (inscrit))
Groupes d'âge desservis: Préscolaire, Élémentaire, Secondaire
Langue(s): Anglais, Français
Lieu de travail principal

500-36 Antares Dr.
Ottawa, ON
K2E 7W5
Lieu de travail complémentaire 1

2713 Lancaster Rd
Ottawa, ON
K1B 5R6
Lieu de travail complémentaire 2

50 Frank Nighbor Pl
Kanata, ON
K2V 1B9
Lieu de travail complémentaire 3

100 Crandall St
Pembroke, ON
K8A 7X2