Building Brighter Futures Fund Application

How it Got Started:

"Children on the autism spectrum grow up to be adults on the autism spectrum." This message from Autism Ontario's advocacy efforts has been central to our strategic directions in working with families and autistic people across the lifespan. Autistic adults receive substantially less private and public funding. While the numbers of unsupported adults on the autism spectrum continues to grow, resources remain comparatively sparse. 

Autism Ontario was approached by informed and thoughtful supporters about providing concrete ways to support adults on the autism spectrum. Their personal commitment and generous donation helped us realize a long held dream to create a fund that would open doors for autistic adults across Ontario. In 2012 Autism Ontario was pleased to announce the Building Brighter Futures Fund (BBFF). 

The Purpose of the BBFF:

The purpose of BBFF is to provide financial assistance directly to autistic adults in Ontario through a reimbursement of funds spent to access greater participation in their local communities.

Program fees for recreation or skill development, respite, professional supports, or other money spent on accessing creative solutions connected to building and developing life plans will be considered for reimbursement.

Applicants must have a diagnosis of autism and be aged 18 years or older to apply. Successful applicants will receive reimbursement of up to $500.00. Due to a high demand for these donated funds, an individual may receive this reimbursement only once per lifetime.

To apply, please complete the secure, online form below.

Funding for the Building Brighter Futures fund proudly donated by:


Applicant Information
Please estimate the amount required up to $500. Receipts are accepted that are dated from January 1, 2020 to when a successful applicant submits their receipt(s) (but before December 7, 2020). We will reimburse actual expenses receipted up to $500.
Applicant must be aged 18+.
A copy of the diagnosis from a medical/psychological professional.
if you're more comfortable telling us about yourself through images or writing you have already done, you may upload that here. This is not a mandatory field.