Research Studies
The following is a list of some of the ASD research studies currently being conducted in Canada and abroad. Each study calls for participants with an ASD diagnosis.

Prior to posting these research study requests, the submitter must provide Autism Ontario with a copy of their approved Code of Ethics, a Synopsis of the Thesis, a timeline for the posting and details regarding how interested subjects may participate. Please visit this site regularly to check out what studies are currently available.

Researchers: Please include the text you'd like included in the posting along with the end date for recruitment. If you would like to include a poster link, please include the URL. For questions or submissions, please contact: Please note, it may take up to 5 business days for a response. Thank you.

  • NEW! Participants needed! CAMH is recruiting parents of individuals 16 and older with autism for a research project evaluating the effects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) workshops. ACT is a brief intervention that helps people to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings, develop acceptance of their difficult experiences, and commit to acting in ways that align with their personal values. Each workshop is facilitated by a parent of an individual with autism and a trained clinician. In total, we aim to deliver ACT to 60 parents. The purpose of the trial is to see whether ACT is effective for improving parent, child and family well-being. To do this, we will randomly assign participants to attend the upcoming workshop, or to wait 4 months and then attend the workshop. Participation also involves completing online surveys on four occasions. The study requires that participants have a son or daughter (age 16+) with a confirmed diagnosis of autism, be available for both scheduled groups, and not have participated in ACT previously. Parents will receive $50 for their completion of the four online surveys. Interested caregivers should contact Andrea Maughan at
  • NEW! Participants needed! Trent University- Looking for parents/unpaid primary caregivers of a child or adult with a developmental or intellectual disability to participate in a research study. Stress can commonly be experienced by parents of a child/adult with a disability. To be resilient is to be able to bounce back from a stressful experience. The goal of this study is to better understand the explanations parents give as the cause(s) of their stress, and whether this will have an impact on their ability to be resilient. Participation in this study will require the completion of a brief set of on-line questionnaires (20 minutes). To show our appreciation, participants can choose to enter themselves into a draw for a chance to win one of six $50 visa gift cards. Information provided in the questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential, you will not be identified by name, and you may choose to skip any of the questions. If you would like more information about the study, please contact Dr. Jennifer Eastabrook ( To participate in the study please click on this link, which will take you to the questionnaires: Post until April 2019.
  • NEW! Participants needed! University of Windsor-For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, social skills may present a significant obstacle for participation in activities of daily life; however, little is known about participation patterns in social activities. It is believed that motor skill development may contribute to challenges with social skills; nevertheless, the link between social and motor skills is not fully understood. Five- to 9-year-old children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and parent(s)/guardian(s) are asked to participate in research conducted by Dr. Sara Scharoun Benson, from the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Windsor. The goal of this research is to develop new knowledge of social challenges faced by children with ASD, and the impact on participation patterns. This research has been cleared by the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board (REB: 18-127) and is funded by an Insight Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Participation will involve 1 or 2 sessions (based on participant preference), approximately 60 minutes each that can be completed on the same day or two days, at or outside the lab. Participating children and their parent(s) will receive gift card(s) for participating. For more information, please contact: Dr. Sara Scharoun Benson (519-253-3000 ext. 4994; Post until May 2020.
  • NEW! Participants needed! McGill University-The Behavior, Autism and NeuroDevelopment (BAND) Research Group at McGill University is recruiting children ages 3-5 years old and their parents for a study to evaluate the effects of a home-based, parent-supported, custom-designed, tablet application on early reading comprehension and oral language skills. Preschool children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and without ASD (typically developing), who have an interest in letters, words, and/or an ability to read words, but have not received any formal reading instruction, and who speak English at home daily with at least one adult since birth, are invited to participate. The study requires the use of a tablet (iPad) and parent participation for a period of 6-weeks, with additional participation required at 6-weeks before and 6-weeks after intervention. If you do not own an iPad, or do not live in the greater Montreal area but wish to participate, please contact us. Parents will receive a $25 Amazon gift card for their participation in the study. Children will receive a small gift each week for 6 weeks of participation, and for each evaluation session (total value $25). For more information, or to register for the study, please contact us at 1-514-398-7194 or email for further information.Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Eve-Marie Quintin, Psy.D., PhD and Dianne Macdonald, M.Sc., S-LP, Doctoral Student, Post until July 10, 2019.
  • NEW! Participants needed! Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilltation Hospital-Are you a parent of a child 4-10 years of age with Autism Spectrum Disorder? Has it been at least 1 year since your child received his/her Autism diagnosis from a physician/pediatrician? Tell us about your sleep! It is common for children with autism to experience sleep disturbances greater than children who are typically developing. Parents of children with autism, like yourself, may experience disturbances in your and your child’s sleep, which may impact aspects of your health and your experience in providing care for your child. Consider participating in our study! You will be asked to complete survey online that will take about 60 minutes. The survey asks questions about: you and your family, your child’s autism severity and behaviours, you and your child’s sleep, your health, including stress and depression, and your coping and support networks. Participants may choose to enter into a draw to win one of ten $100 e-gift cards at the end of the survey. If you are interested in participating in this study, you can participate directly via: If you have additional questions, please contact Samantha at with your interest, and she will get back to your shortly. Contacting us does not obligate you to participate in this study. Please note, email is neither confidential nor secure and users accept this risk by agreeing to communicate via email.
  • NEW! Participants needed! Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilltation Hospital-Are you a young adult with ASD who is looking for work? Consider participating in our study. We want to understand your experiences looking for work or being employed. We want to learn about disability disclosure and how youth with disabilities ask for accommodations in the workplace.
Who can participate? • Youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), aged 15-34 • Able to speak in English • Currently employed or looking for work.
What’s involved? Participants will be asked to take part in: • 1 interview (approx. 30 mins- 1 hour) over the phone or in-person.
What are the risks and benefits of participating? • A benefit of participating includes helping us to learn about disclosure and accommodation processes to better meet the needs of youth with disabilities.
• You will receive a gift card for participating and volunteer hours if requested.
If you are interested, email or call 416(425)6220 x6496 for more information.
  • NEW! Participants needed! Carleton University-We are looking for participants for a research study exploring how adolescents with autism spectrum disorder protect their privacy on social media. Participants will complete a 30 to 40 minute in-person interview about their social media use and their reactions to different online social situations. To be eligible to participate, you must be an adolescent (13 to 17 years) with autism spectrum disorder who is a regular user of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram; able to understand and speak English; and comfortable participating in an interview with or without support. Each participant will receive $30 in cash for their time. If you are interested in participating or have any questions about the study, please email the lead researcher, Jessica Rocheleau, at Post until January 25th, 2019
  • NEW! Participants needed! Brock University-Do you have an infant (36 months of age or younger) and an older child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (or a close biological family member with ASD)? Or is your infant showing developmental concerns? If so, we invite you to participate in our innovative parent training study which has the potential to impact your infant’s development and improve concerning behaviours. In this study, the principal student investigator, Alicia Azzano, along with her co-supervisors, Dr. Rebecca Ward and Dr. Maurice Feldman, both Registered Psychologists and Board Certified Behaviour Analysts with over 30 years of experience working with children with Autism, will work with you in teaching your child developmental skills. Previous parents who have participated in this early intervention have found the evidence-based teaching strategies to be beneficial for improving their infant’s developmental skills. For more information we invite you to contact the Principal Student Investigator, Alicia Azzano, at or 905-688-5550 ext. 5121, or Principal Investigators, Dr. Maurice Feldman at or Dr. Rebecca Ward at If your family does not fit this study or you are not interested in participating, we would greatly appreciate you sharing this information sheet with other parents you know who may be interested.
  • NEW! Participants needed! Hospital for Sick Children-We are recruiting healthy children and teens ages 9-15 with an ASD diagnosis for a study looking at a genetic condition called NF1. Children with NF1 often struggle with attention, friendships, and other social behaviours. We are interested in learning about the similarities and differences between children with NF1 and children with ASD. The study involves one visit to the Hospital for Sick Children, which lasts about 7 hours. During this visit, participants undergo a one hour MRI brain scan, as well as 4-5 hours of neuropsychological tests and other pen and paper and computerized activities to measure how they think, pay attention, remember, solve problems, and learn. We also ask that one biological parent participate in approximately 2 hours of neuropsychological testing, which will be related to the child’s performance on similar tests. Vouchers for parking and lunch at Sick Kids will be provided, as well as a volunteer certificate and a research report outlining the results of the neuropsychological tests. If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Stephanie Azari at or 416-813-7654 ext. 204302.
  • NEW! Participants needed! CAMH-Participants are currently being recruited for a research project evaluating Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) for parents of children, youth, or adults with autism. ACT seeks to help individuals to struggle less with difficult things in their lives and mindfully connect with things that are most important in a way that is loving and respectful. With an introduction to the concept of ‘mindfulness,’ ACT does not attempt to directly change or stop unwanted thoughts or feelings, but to develop a new mindful relationship with those experiences that can free a person up to being open, and to take action consistent with what they care about. This is a research project evaluating the benefits of ACT for parents. If you feel this may be something that will benefit you, please see the flyer for more detail. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact brianne redquest at
  • NEW! Participants needed! York University-Looking for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders who are African immigrants to participate in a research study. As you well know, parents may experience stress due to the everyday challenges associated with taking care of a child with special needs. The goal of this study is to understand the commonalities and differences in the experiences of African immigrant parents in order to identify ways to help parents cope better and to have a positive experience with their child. Participation in the study will involve parents completing a brief questionnaire (15-20 mins) about their experiences raising a child with autism spectrum disorder. Parents will also be asked to complete a confidential interview that can be scheduled at their convenience. Interviews can be completed in person or over the phone (45-60 mins). As a token of our appreciation we are offering parents modest compensation of $35 for their participation. Parents who participate will remain anonymous and their names and identifying information will not be released with the results of the study. If you would like more information about the study please contact Busi Ncube at or 416-736-2100 ext. 40266. To participate in the study please follow this link to begin the online questionnaire (password: Canada):
  • NEW! Participants needed! York University-Looking for individuals with Asperger’s (18 years and older) that can participate in an ongoing study at York University. Are you an individual with Asperger’s interested in learning more about yourself through using art? Have you always wanted to draw but never had the time? This study will let you express your inner artistic talents while learning new skills. The goal of this study is to examine the relationship between art and emotions among individuals with Asperger’s. Participants will be asked to complete the following tasks: (1) Complete a mini questionnaire about your artistic abilities, (2) Draw a picture that depicts certain emotions, (3) Connect the GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) onto their finger and look at a computer screen which will present seven universal faces, (4) Mini interview. The researcher will ask the participants to answer a few questions about the drawings. All of the art materials will be supplied for the participants. Participants will be compensated $5 for participating in this study. If you are interested in participating in this study or have additional questions, please contact Lina Deker at expressing your interest, I will get back to you shortly.
  • NEW! Participants needed! Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital-Are you a youth with ASD interested in learning a new skill and interacting with other teens with ASD? Participate in our KneuroKnits knitting program. Study participants will attend an 8-session knitting program (1 lesson/week in the evening), KneuroKnits, at Holland Bloorview where they will learn how to knit and have opportunities to socialize with other youth with ASD. We will take physiological measures of anxiety (heart rate), and ask them to participate in three short questionnaires and a 30-60 minute interview following the program to understand their experiences. Participants will receive knitting supplies to practice and keep. If you are interested in participating in this study or have additional questions, please contact Melanie Penner at or 416-425-6220 extension 3207 with your interest, and she will get back to your shortly. Contacting us does not obligate you or your child to participate in the study.
  • NEW! Participants needed! Ryerson University is carrying out a study to test a new device called WebMoti. This device is designed to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) attend school or therapy sessions when they are unable to attend physically. The system consists of a monitor, camera and various controls, with which ASC participants would be able to interact with simulations of remote environments to mediate their sensory needs. Participants (8 years of age and older) will be asked to commit themselves for 90 minutes to participate and will be asked to complete the following: (1) a pre-study questionnaire (10 minutes), (2) a demonstration of the caption software at Ryerson (10 minutes), (3) using the software to attend a class or event (60 minutes), (4) a post-study questionnaire (10 minutes). Participants will receive a contribution of $30 for their participation. The pilot study will take place at Ryerson University (55 Dundas Street West, exact room TBD). If you interested in participating, please contact Margot Whitfield at or at 416-979-5000 ext. 7110.
  • NEW! Participants needed! University of Waterloo-Searching for adults with moderate to high-functioning autism between 18-35 years old! We invite you to participate in our non-invasive study about brain-computer interfaces. The experiment involves acquiring brain waves and muscle activity during voluntary movements of the foot. The session will last between 1-2 hours, and you will be compensated at a rate of 15$ per hour. If you are interested in participating, please contact either Dr. Ning Jiang at or Dr. Jennifer Boger at The study will take place at our lab in Waterloo, Ontario.
  • NEW! Participants needed! Wilfrid Laurier University-This study will investigate the association among motor, social, and imitation abilities in individuals with ASD. Additionally, the study will explore the perception of primary caregivers regarding their children's social and motor skills. Who can participate? Children and youth with high functioning ASD ages 4 to 18 years old, as well as their primary caregivers. The individual with ASD will be asked to complete the following tasks: (1) a target aiming task, collected using an iPad [10 minutes]; (2) motor assessment battery for children-2 (MABC-2) [20 to 40 minutes]; and (3) motor imitation tasks (MITs) [10 minutes]. Caregivers will be asked to complete the following: (1) background questionnaire (serves to provide context for the interview) [5 minutes]; (2) the social-responsivness-scale-2 (SRS-2) [15-20 minutes]; and (3) A semi-structured one-on-one interview [45 to 90 minutes]. If you have any questions, please contact Bri Redquest, PhD candidate at
  • NEW! Participants needed! Queen's University-ATTENTION parents of children with invisible disabilities (including, but not limited to, high functioning autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder with/without hyperactivity, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety, depression, & other neurological and behavioural disorders). A study is currently being conducted to investigate inclusion in Ontario public schools, specifically as it affects children with invisible disabilities and their families. Your participation would include the completion of a short (15-20 minute) survey designed to gauge parent perceptions of inclusion and how it affects their child(ren) and families. Input from parents is greatly needed to understand how kids with invisible disabilities experience public school. Your participation is greatly appreciated. This project has been granted clearance by the General Research Ethics Board according to Canadian research ethics principles ( and Queen's University policies ( Please follow this link to complete the survey:

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